4 step process for problem solving

September 21, 2018
Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing 4 step process for problem solving. The four steps are as follows:

1. Trace it
2. Face it
3. Erase it
4. Replace it

Trace it: when you see that something is not working, weather it's your business, relationship, diet etc, you need to find where is the problem, what is broken, which part is failing.

Face it: once you have found the problem you need to accept that you have that problem.

Erase it: once you accepted that you have that problem, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible, cut it out from your routine or process.

Replace it: once you got rid of the action or element that causes the problem you need to replace it with another action or element that will ensure that the process now works well.

Here is a video where I go in a little more detail:

Yours in success



What to do with people in your team who are not ambitious?

September 20, 2018
Hey Guys,

I often hear leaders ask "What do I do with people in my team who are not ambitious, who are not crushing it, who are not going for the top rank, for that car bonus, for that top income level?". This question comes from the assumption that everyone should be willing to go for the max. However, the reality is that 80% of people in network marketing have a desire level of ยฃ0-ยฃ500 per month! Ant that's their desire level - NOT ACTUAL RESULTS! 

So what you must understand that majority ...
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How to invite somebody to take a look at your network marketing business?

September 19, 2018
Hey Guys,

One of the most important skills to develop in network marketing is the invitation skill. Now when it comes to either sending a message over social media or inviting somebody face to face there is two very important parts to include in your invitation:

1. Ask if they are OPEN

2. Give them an 'OUT'

Here is an example: 

"Hey Lucy, we don't know each other, but I can see you are a nurse and I work with a lot of nurses helping them earn extra income from home without it interfering with what...
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My 10 favourite lessons from Jim Rhon ๐Ÿš€

September 18, 2018

When personal development legend Jim Rohn passed away in 2009, he left an incredible gift: his encouraging, uplifting messages and inspiring, thought-provoking quotes, beloved by millions and shared throughout the world to this day.  For what would be his 88th birthday on Sept. 17, letโ€™s remember the life of Jim Rohn with 10 of his most beloved quotes: 

1. โ€œDonโ€™t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Donโ€™t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Donโ€™t wish for less chall...

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How to MOTIVATE your team to do more?

September 17, 2018
Very often people ask me how can I motivate my team to do more?

I personally prefer the word INSPIRE instead of motivate. Now, we all would like a secret word or a secret recipe that would make our team members recruit more and sell more. But the reality is that there is only one way to Inspire our team to do more:

It is to do yourself what you want your team members to do. If you want your team to sell more, you need to sell more, if you want your team to recruit more, you need to recruit more...
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A simple DAILY PLAN for success in Network Marketing

September 16, 2018
Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share a simple DAILY strategy with you so that you can grow your Network Marketing business.

Firstly, it's important to understand that there are two ways how we can grow our business: PROSPECTING and MARKETING.

Prospecting is something that you do ACTIVELY to reach out to another person and see if they are open to either earning an extra income or buying your products. This could be done face to face, over facebook, other social media, email, whatsapp and so on. It c...
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What do the WEALTHY buy on Payday?

September 14, 2018
Hey Guys,

Have you ever heard a saying that "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer"? Well in today's training I explain exactly why and more importantly HOW the rich get richer. 

But before I get into that it's important to mention few concepts so it makes sense. 

Income - is the money that comes into your account

Expenses - is the money that goes out of your account

Assets - are the things that make you money

Liabilities - are the things that cost you money

There are three groups of people, f...
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The Cashflow Quadrant

September 13, 2018
Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share some financial education I came across more than 8 years ago by reading books of Robert Kiyoasaki about Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

This concept is of the cashflow quadrant. There are for parts to the quadrant:

E - stands for Employee and represents people who are in job that pays hourly or monthly wage
S - stands for Self Employed and represents people who employ themselves
B - stands for Business and represents people who have businesses that employ people 
I - stands...
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7 Steps To Becoming a RECRUITING MACHINE in Network Marketing

February 10, 2017
Hey guys, so today I would like to share with you the 7 Steps To Becoming a RECRUITING MACHINE in Network Marketing! Are you interested? Great! 

As you know the success in Network Marketing mainly depends on your ability to grow a large team of people and, therefore, it is vital that you follow these steps to become a master recruiter!

  1. Make a DECISION
  3. Collect FRIENDS
  4. Positive Daily HABITS
  5. Always be PREPARED
  7. Think BIGGER

What did you think of that? Was that helpful? Dr...
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Video 7: Caution

February 9, 2017
Today I am releasing video number 7 in the series of Seven Principles to achieve spiritual, mental, and physical freedom. The 7th Principle is ''CAUTION'' and this is the one of the misunderstood principles. There is a thin line between being cautious and evaluating risk and the 'paralysis of analysis'. Hope you will enjoy this video and lots of value from it.

What did you think of that? Was that helpful? Drop me a comment below if you got value. Feel free to share this with your team!

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