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November 17, 2018
So for the last few months my word of the day every day has been CONSISTENCY!

It took me a long time to understand that in any area of life or business if you want to get great results you have to be consistent. 

For example when we first started in network marketing we printed a bunch of leaflets and went around in our area putting them through peoples letter boxes inviting them to come to our business opportunity presentation and after more than 400 leaflets NOBODY CAME! Straight after that we have decided that leaflets don't work and discouraged our team members NOT to ever do leafleting. However, what we learned much later was that leaflets DO work, but you need to do them in the same area, at least 8 weeks in the row on the same day of the week and the same time of the day. After first few weeks you might not see very much response but if you stay consistent you will start noticing responses because people will become familiar with you and will start noticing your leaflets more.

Same with marketing on social media. Many people see successful people on facebook who do facebook lives and they decide to do the same. But after doing a couple of videos they quit because it's not working. One of my mentors Ray Higdon tells his story of doing a video every day and only getting his first lead after 6 months of doing it. That is first lead after 150 videos! Most people would have given up ten times before that. However, now Ray's website gets like 250,000 visitors per month! Again, it's all about staying consistent and not expecting instant results.

When it comes to recruiting I recommend to have a daily goal of people to reach out to. For example my daily goal is to get 20 NO's per day, that is for 20 people to say "no I'm not interested". Now I think I am pretty good at recruiting, I've been through a lot of training and know psychology and still I sometimes go though weeks of not getting a single YES. However, I do not loose my enthusiasm because I know that when I stay consistent and keep doing it the yeses will come, and they ALWAYS do.

Finally, when it comes to training and coaching your team members the same applies again. When you first start training your team you might not start duplicating you straight away. however, if you stay consistent SOME people from your team will start following your advice and will start copying what you do.

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

Yours in Success



Why you should DELETE people from your company from your friends list on Facebook?

November 16, 2018
Yeah I know it sounds CRAZY! But hear me out.

The way that Facebook algorithm works is that it monitors who like, comments and shares your posts and that's how it judges who to show your posts in the future. Therefore, if you have 1000 friends on facebook and 500 of them are already in your company, what you will probably will notice is that most of your posts will be liked, commented on and shared by people who are already in your business and over time facebook will show less and less of you...
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How to do Facebook LIVE like a PRO?

November 14, 2018
Social Media and especially Facebook is taking more important role in the growth of Network Marketing business. You can try to ignore it and stick to the old school methods but you would be missing out on a huge tool to grow your business. Furthermore, on Facebook at this point in time the FACEBOOK LIVE is probably the most effective way of marketing and attracting people to your business. 

However, as with every tool there are people who use it very effectively and those who DON'T. Therefore,...
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Why ILT is so IMPORTANT in home based business?

November 13, 2018
One of the best strategies for personal and business growth is ILT.


Firstly, if you don't like your present results or where you are in life at the moment you need to make a decision to CHANGE something. Because if you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result it is the first sign of insanity. 

So if you decided to change your current situation then the best thing to do is to start changing yourself by INVESTING in you. It will definitely...
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The FORTUNE is in the Follow-Up

November 12, 2018
In network marketing the follow up is one of the most important parts of the business. Many people think "if I just sent out information to enough people they will all be calling me to join my team". However, that is NOT what actually happens. The reality is that even if your prospect watches your business opportunity video and it is the most life changing opportunity that ever existed, they will not call you. They expect you to do that. 

So if you truly care about impacting families you need ...
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Using the BIC in Network Marketing

November 11, 2018
Have you ever prospected someone face to face or over the phone and they said "Well, what is it? Tell me now"

Obviously you do not want to do a presentation over the phone or at the bus stop so how to you avoid people asking for more information there and then instead of looking at the video or another tool that you send them. If you avoid answering their "What is it?" question it may look like you are hiding something and that will raise their suspiciousness. So what can you do?

You can use th...
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November 10, 2018
Ok let's talk about good ideas. I remember one of the first personal development programmes that I listened to was Jim Rohn's "Weekend Seminar" and he said "Rarely does a good idea interrupt you, usually, it's like mining for gold to get good ideas"

The whole premise being that when you get a GOOD IDEA firstly your should make a note of it, too many people just let these great ideas disappear as soon as they have appeared. Secondly, you need to act on these good ideas.

So many people pray to Go...
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14 reasons to start a HOME BASED BUSINESS?

November 10, 2018
There are very many BENEFITS of owning your own business. Here is my TOP 14 reasons you might want to consider:

1.To eliminate debt
2.Spend more time with the family
3.To build a retirement income
4.To take longer/more holidays
5.To save up for the rainy day
6.Pay off the mortgage quicker
7.Stay at home parent
8.Buy a car of their dreams
9.To pay less TAX
10.Helping others
11.Spending time with nicer people
12.Personal development
13.Being your own boss

In this video I go more in depth int...
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November 10, 2018
If you want success in business and personal life you will quickly find that communication skills can take you a long way. Here is my TOP 3 tips to become a MASTER COMMUNICATOR:

1. Imagine that every person you meet has a sign around their neck saying "Make Me Feel Important"

If you treat every potential customer and potential team member like they are important (and they truly are) then you will see how your way of communicating will change and how much they will start liking and respecting yo...
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Why you are not KILLING it in Network Marketing + Transitions and CTA Delay in your business?

November 10, 2018
In today's blog, I would like to share with you the three things that I have learned so far in the 14 day challenge with Ray Higdon.

1. The reason why you are not killing it in network marketing yet

Let me ask you this question. Have you already achieved success in network marketing? If the answer is NO I might guess that you have this problem. You see there is a gap between being concerned what others think about you and your willingness to help other people. If you are not getting great resul...
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How to have great CULTURE in your Network Marketing Team?

November 6, 2018
Have you ever had anyone leave your network marketing team? Have you ever had someone who goes into "WITNES PROTECTION PROGRAM" when they stop picking up the phone, answering emails and coming to meetings?

If your answer is YES then you have 2 options moving forward. One, you can just ACCEPT that it will keep happening and keep blindly recruiting HOPING that people will stop disappearing, or two, figure out why people are leaving and change something so that people would STAY instead.

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You get to keep what you speak

November 5, 2018

What do I mean when I say “You get to keep what you speak”. Well, what I mean is that what you say to yourself and what you think to yourself is very IMPORTANT.

One of the sure ways to FAIL in life is to use words like Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Confused, Stuck and Disappointed - don’t use negative language because it kills everything. Whatever progress you have made if you want to negate all of it just use one of these words above and you will very quickly be back where you have started....

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3 REQUIREMENTS for Success in Network Marketing

November 5, 2018
When it comes to success in Network Marketing there are many things that can help you reach your results, however, there are three things I would like to emphasise because they are very important:

1. Burning Desire

A very important part for success in business is to have a burning desire! There are so many people who come into network marketing industry who are so "lukewarm". They would like to have more money in their life, they would like a better house, better car, different job but they are...
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Two things to do if your life SUCKS right now

November 5, 2018
There may be many reasons why right now you might think that your life SUCKS. 

Maybe you are not earning enough money,

Maybe you are not in a great relationship,

Maybe you are not in a great shape,

Maybe you have some health problems,

Maybe you are not living in a house of your dreams,

Maybe you are not driving your dream car.

Whatever it is, it is so easy to become FOCUSED on all the negative things in your life, on what is missing in your life. But as you know, what you think about is what you att...
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3 levels of commitment

November 5, 2018
When it comes to commitment there are three levels:

1. "I will try it"

This is the worst level of commitment, but unfortunately a lot of people are at this level. They look at the home based business opportunity they say "Ok I will try it". For me that means "I will quit but I just don't know when". Obviously, people who become successful in business do not have this level of commitment.

2. "I will do my best"

This is a much better level of commitment. At this level the persona will at least goin...
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Treat your BUSINESS like a JOB

November 5, 2018
When it comes to building a home based business a lot of people come into it with a wrong idea and an incorrect understanding of what it will take to become successful.

Most people come into network marketing because they want to be independent, want to get away from the boss, want to work from home, have the freedom and travel the world. Unfortunately, what they don't understand is that they first need to build the business that will generate them an income every single month so that they cou...
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Why COACHING is important?

November 2, 2018
When it comes to coaching there are so many benefits it's hard to mention them all, but here are my few favourite reasons why I use coaching:

Firstly, when you have a coach you get a different perspective on things. It is so easy when you are so involved in what you are doing to become stuck where you don't see an obvious way to solve a problem or challenge, but very often when you have a coach they can provide a point of view of an outsider and very often that is exactly what you need to brea...
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Management TRAP in Network Marketing

November 1, 2018
One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in network marketing was getting myself into management trap.

What is the management trap? Well let me quickly explain.

When you first get started in network marketing you get told what you need to do to make money in this business: invite people to purchase your products and invite people to join your business. However, as you recruit a few people into the business who are serious and they start inviting other people, it is super easy to stop inviti...
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Why GOALS don’t work?

October 31, 2018
What?! How dare he say that! Right? 

But hear me out for a second. Have you ever made goals and not achieved them. Well, if you are like most people it happens more often than not. 

The reason is that we very often focus on the wrong thing. Let me give you an example. If you have ever watched a movie about pirates what are they after? TREASURE! That's right. However, is the whole movie about the treasure? No, most of the time only the last few minutes are about the actual treasure, the whole mo...
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The POWER of Positive Thinking in Network Marketing

October 29, 2018
Having a positive attitude is one of the most important things in network marketing journey.

Firstly, because of Law of attraction. If you have never heard of the law of attraction I would highly recommend you to watch the movie "Secret". But long story short, what you focus on grows in your life. Therefore, if you are constantly focusing on negative things in your life then you will attract even more negative things in your life. However, when you shift your focus on all the positive things a...
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16 things to do to get organised in Network Marketing

October 27, 2018
So many people treat network marketing as a hobby and then they are surprised to earn a "hobby income". If you, however, would like to earn big income then you need to get organised in your network marketing business.

Here is my 16 tips to get organised in your business and a BONUS tip on getting your Follow UP process under control:

1. Create a daily plan the night before

2. Time limit each task

3. Use a calendar

4. Use an organiser (like "My Pro Planner")

5. Know your deadline

6. Learn to say NO

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Time is more valuable than money

October 26, 2018
I remember it took me a while to wrap my mind around this one. How could time be more valuable than money?

I remember listening to the late Jim Rohn's CD where he explained it. If you loose some money you can earn it back, but if you waste your time, you can never get it back. 

That is why you need to be very careful who and what you spend your precious time on. Make sure that you dedicate most of your time with people who are active in your business and give the remainder of your time to work ...
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Six ways to build belief in Network Marketing

October 25, 2018
Having a strong belief in yourself, your business opportunity and your products is absolutely vital in network marketing. Here are 6 ways how to build and keep those beliefs STRONG:

1. Immerse yourself in success. Spend time with successful people and immerse yourself in everything to do with your business. Watch videos, listen to audios, read books, attend seminars and training events and constantly communicate with people about your business. You have to almost become obsessed with your busi...
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What to do if you are STUCK in Network Marketing?

October 24, 2018
If you ever get stuck in a rut in your network marketing business it is not pleasant. However, there are few things you can do to get out of it.

First of all if you looked up in the dictionary what is a RUT, it would give you few options, one is "a habit or pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change"  and the second one is "a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles". Now if there are groves that means other people have gone t...

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The 3 biggest OBJECTIONS in Network Marketing

October 23, 2018
When it comes to objections in network marketing there are 3 biggest ones that you will get most often and these are:

"I have no money"
"I have no time"
"I have no friends" or "I don't know many people"

These are the main three things people will tell you as a reason why they couldn't do network marketing. Although all three are valid concerns, none of these are actually important when it comes to network marketing and this is how you answer them.

When somebody says "I have no money" as an objecti...
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UNSUPPORTIVE spouse in Network Marketing?

October 22, 2018
I come across this issue quite often in network marketing. Either husband or wife of the person doing network marketing is not supporting them. 

When this happens you have two choices. Wither give up the business because of the lack of support or keep going in spite of the lack of support. 

Very often however, I notice the lack of support from the partner is because of lack of action and results from the person doing network marketing. If your partner is not supporting you the chances are you h...
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How HARD is Network Marketing business?

October 19, 2018
I sometimes hear people say that network marketing is a hard business. I always ask "Compared to what?" because if we compare it with a traditional business, here is what you have to take care of:

1. Product development: if you have a traditional business you have to think of an idea for a product, then you have to manufacture that product.

2. Warehousing: in a traditional business you have to rent huge spaces in a warehouse in order to keep your stock.

3. Shipping: in a traditional business you...
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How to build your network marketing business using social media?

October 19, 2018
Here is the recording of the training I did on Thursday 18th October 2018 on "How to build your network marketing business using social media?".

In this training you will find tips on how to reach out to people on social media about your network marketing business, how to follow up with people, how to answer objections and how to help them make a decision to join your business. At the end of the training I also give a FREE gift so stay till the end. 

 If you found this training useful feel ...
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What to do if you don’t have good SPONSOR in Network Marketing?

October 17, 2018
A lot of people reach out to me asking what to do if they don't have a good sponsor in network marketing? What if your sponsor is not active, or left to another company or is not supporting you etc? 

What you have to understand that having a good sponsor is nice, but it is not required for success in network marketing. It is same if you would contact me and say "I cannot lose weight because my personal trainer eats donuts" your personal trainer eating donuts have nothing to do with you losing ...
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Most people do network marketing every day but they just don’t get paid for it

October 16, 2018
Yes that's right "most people do network marketing every day but they just don't get paid for it". You see network marketing is nothing more than recommending and promoting things that you like. So let me ask you a question. Have you ever recommended a restaurant, a movie or a shop to anyone? If you are like most people the answer will probably be YES. Ok, so since network marketing is just recommending things that you like and you already agreed that you been recommending things to other peo...
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