What LEADERS do when it gets CHALLENGING

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, December 4, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what do leaders do when it gets challenging?

When it's good, when it's going well, when it's a great season, when everything's working, everybody's growing. A successful person and not so successful, a leader and the amateur, everybody's growing, when everything is nice, and everything's going fine. The economy is great, the company's doing fantastic. Everybody is growing.

But the real leadership is shown in crisis, the real leadership, you can see when the going gets tough; when there's a difficult situation. When everything is fine, the amateur and the leader, you can't see any difference. Both of them are going up because it's great, everything is fine, everything is working lovely. But then when a challenging time comes, an amateur; not a professional person, not a person who is a leader, what happens in their business, it goes down and down and then it goes into free-fall, and he goes down. So they grow when it's great time, and they go down when it's bad time. And a lot of people's businesses are like that, they keep going up and down because they don't have leadership.

When you have leadership, what leaders do when it's great time, they also grow and grow. But when it becomes challenging time, what do leaders do? They don't fall, they maintain, they sustain. So whatever level they go to, when it gets tough, when things get difficult, they go, “Whoa! Let's hold the fort. Let's keep everything steady.” So they work with their people, they maintain the morale; they keep the positivity to maintain the business where it is, so it doesn't fall down. It keeps maintain and then guess what? The season changes, good times come again and then they go up and they keep growing.

But an amateur they go grow in a good time and in a bad time they fall. Good time comes they grow again and the bad times they fall. So they never keep progressing. The key here, the lesson here today is that if you're a leader, one of the signs that your leader is when a challenging time comes, when there are difficulties, you don't fall, you maintain, you do everything you can to maintain your business to where it is, what does that mean?

Maybe you're going to have to do some fire fighting; solve some problems, solve some difficulties so people stay in the business. Maybe you'll have to do a lot more personal calls, a lot more training, a lot more connections with people to maintain and to keep the business stable. So this way your business can keep going stable and then when the next growth period comes you start growing again. That's the real sign of leadership.

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