What to do with people who put NEGATIVE comments on your social media?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, November 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what to do with people who put negative comments onto your posts, onto your lives on social media. What to do with people who put negative comments on your social media.

And once in a while you'll get these people who will say something bad on your live video, or maybe they will say something bad on to your posts or in your groups or in your page. People often ask, what should I do? How do I answer them?

My best tip is don't even get involved in discussions with these people because that type of a person, that's exactly what they're looking for, they're looking for attention. That person lacks attention, so they want to cause attention by doing something like that by putting a negative comment; they expect you to react to them. They expect you to retaliate, they expect you to go back at them and be angry at them, and that will drive them so they can keep going backwards and forwards and really wasting your energy and your time.

Best thing to do is don't ever get involved. Don't try to convince them of your truths. Don't try to correct them. Don't try to explain anything to them. Best thing to do is press the block button. Block this person. Why? Because think about it. What's your purpose on social media? If you following me, most likely you're a business person, you probably want to grow your business, you probably want to make money by selling products, and you want to make money by building a team.

If you want to make money by selling products and building your team, why would you interact with a person who is negative? That person will never buy from you anyway? Think about it. If somebody goes, “Oh, you're an idiot,” what's the chance that that person will ever buy a product from you? What's the chance that that person would ever join your business? “Oh, three days ago I said you're an idiot. But now I decided to join your team.” Not likely. And even if they do, I don't want a person like that in my team.

That’s why I personally advise always to go ahead and block that person right away because there's no reason for you to have that person in your social media. If they're not going to buy from you, if they're not going to join your team, why the heck would you have them, taking space. You only get to have 5000 friends on Facebook. You might as well have the right people on your friends list, not the people who don't like what you do not the people who hate on you. What's the point of having them? To convert them? To convince them one day?

Forget about it, get rid of them, add another 50 new people and you'll find nice people, you'll find people that you have something in common, you'll find people who you can talk to and build a business with those people. If somebody is negative on your social media, do not engage, do not attack them, do not discuss, do not try to prove them wrong, just click that block button and move on. They won't see any of your posts anymore. You won't see any of their posts anymore. You'll have a peace of mind that you can focus your energy and attention on things that are really important, not that time waster.

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