Who is WATCHING you?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, December 4, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about who is watching you and what type of example are you setting.

So I want to talk about who's watching you and who is following your example. And, of course, one of the groups of people that are watching if you can say that, are your kids, your kids are watching you and they're watching what type of example you're setting. So if you have children, what you do in business is not just business, it's also family life. Why? Because your children are watching you and they say, whatever you do in moderation, your children will do in excess. So if you do a little bit of that your children will do loads on it. If you do bad stuff, that's what your children are going to multiply.

When it comes to building your business, what type of example you’re setting not just for your team, but for your kids as well. When your kids are watching you, are they saying, “Oh my mom or dad, they are committed, they are goal oriented, they are hardworking, they never give up, they do their best.” Is that what they say when they watch you; your kids and your team? Or do they see you procrastinating? Do they see you being lazy? Do they see you being inconsistent? Do they see you trying to do the minimum and trying to get the maximum? Do they see you doing all these bad habits? Do they see you doing all these bad things and that's the example you set into them?

“Oh, yeah, I learned from my mom and dad to quit all the time and just to go to the next company whenever it gets hard. Oh, yeah. I've learned from my mom and dad just to sit up and watch Telly all day long not building a business.” You know what I mean? So when you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing, when you're not doing the activity you need to be doing, not only you're punishing yourself by not making more money, by not building your business, not only you're setting a bad example for your team, because of duplication; they will repeat what you do; but you're also setting a bad example for your family because they're also watching you from the side-lines and they're learning. Even though they might not be saying anything to you, you might not be saying anything to them, they’re learning by observation. They’re learning your habits, they’re learning your mind-set, they’re learning your psychology, they’re learning philosophy, they're learning your language, what you say, how you react to things, and so on. And our kids, they're just like sponges, they pick up stuff so fast.

So the next time when you want to be lazy, the next time when you want to procrastinate, the next time when you let the fear stop you, the next time when you allow these limiting beliefs to stop you, think who's watching; think who's taking your example.

Sometimes you have to be brave, not for yourself but for your team and for your kids. You have to be brave so they can see and go, “Wow! Can you believe what mom just did? Can you believe what dad just did here? Oh my Gosh, he's so brave. Oh my Gosh, she's so amazing!” Become a superhero for your family. Become the superhero for your kids. So they don't need to watch Superman or Spider Man or whatever; they can watch you and go, “Oh my Gosh, my mommy is amazing. My daddy is incredible.” Because of the things they do, because of how brave they are, because of how committed they are, because of how hard working they are.

Kids play only with superheroes; they don't play with procrastination man. They play with Superman. They play with Spider Man. They don't play with procrastination man; they don't play with scary guy. So what example are you setting and who's watching you?

Don't forget that somebody is always watching you; and even on social media. Sometimes when I coach people, they say, “Well, I did a live and nobody's watching it. I did a post and nobody's seeing it.” Trust me. People are watching you. But they don't know yet if they can trust you. They don't know yet if you're going to flake out, they don't know yet if you're going to give up just around the corner, so they're waiting to see what's going to happen. They’re waiting to see from the side-lines, how committed you are to this thing; and when they see you show up, day after day, and you never give up, they go, “Oh my Gosh, she's going places. Oh my Gosh, this guy is going to do something, I better join his team and I better become part of his circle, because this person, they're not ready to give up. They are going all the way to the top and I want to stick with them so I can go to the top as well.” They are watching you trust me. So think all the time who's watching me and what example I'm setting.

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