Are you a Micro-Manager or Macro-Manager?

January 11, 2017
In our effort to become better leaders to the organizations that we are building it is important to learn about different styles of management.

You see the micro-manager helps his people to complete the task and also to enjoy the process. Macro-manager, on the other hand, not only helps his people to complete the task and enjoy the process but also ensures that different individuals would be working in synergy and would create a lasting change. 

Finally, we should all aim to become a META-LEADERS, which means, leaders or leaders. As a leader we should be secure enough to entrust our team members to take the responsibility for their own teams and to inspire them to perform even better.

What did you think of that? Was that helpful? Drop me a comment below if you got value. Feel free to share this with your team!

Gediminas Grinevicius
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Recipe for Successful Business - 13 Ingredients for business growth and consistency

December 14, 2015
Hey Guys,

so today I wanted to share a training with on 13 steps to make your business more successful. I will outline the 13 steps below and go more in depth in to them in the video below.

Step #1: Timetable
To control your business you need to make sure you are in control of your timetable. You cannot manage time, but you can manage yourself and what you do with your time on a daily basis.

Step #2: Systems and Structures
Do you have systems and structures for promoting your business and prducts...
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How to increase your income 10 times?

December 5, 2015
Hey Guys,
Today I wanted to share a very special training with you on 'How to increase your income 10 times?'

There is formula for success and I will share with you some of the most important steps you can do below:

Step 1: Arise 2 hours early before you have to start work and read 30-60 minutes

Step 2:
Rewrite and review your 10 major goals every morning

Step 3:
Plan every day in advance

Step 4:
Set priorities on your tasks and concentrate on the most valuable activities all the time

Step 5:
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Seven mental laws that will assist you towards success

December 4, 2015
Hey Guys,
So today I would like to share a very interesting training with you on seven mental laws. Now these laws can become your best friend and assist you on your way to success or they can become your biggest enemy and be the reason for your failure. It all depends if you actually know about them and how you use them. Therefore, it goes without saying how important it is to learn about these laws and utilize them in an appropriate way.

The seven mental laws are as follows:

1. Law of cause an...
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How to recruit on Facebook?

December 3, 2015
Today I wanted to share a very important training with you on the topic of Recruiting on Facebook. As the social media world is becoming more and more important so many people loking for ways to expand their business using facebook.

However, as many people have never been trained on marketing and especially on marketing on social media I wanted to share these few important tips with you today.

Firstly, I wanted to mention Attraction Marketing, what I mean by that is that to market properly on S...
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Emotional Intelligence - Why it's important in business and how to improve it

December 2, 2015
Today I would like to talk about Emtional Intelligence. There is more and more research showing how important it is especially when it comes to business.

It primarily covers four main areas of:
1. Self Awareness - knowing what we are feeling and why.
2. Self Management - handling negative emotions so they don't criple us and managing positive emotions
3. Empathy - knowing what someone else is feeling
4. Skilled Relationship - managing our and others emotions in the relationship

In the video below ...
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How to finish the year strong?

December 1, 2015
Today as we move into December I would like to wish you a Happy New Month! As we are in the last month of the year it is a very important time to FOCUS. It is not only important to focus in December to finish the year strong, but also to set the pace in December for how you want your 2016 to be as well.

We know it is a holiday season and Christmas and New Years is just round the corner, however, I would strongly encourage you not to let the Christmas to take ver your whole month. Yes it...
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10 Foundations For Success In Home Based Business

November 30, 2015
Hey Guys, today I wanted to share a classic training with you about the 10 foundations for success in home based business.

The stability of the building is determined by it's foundation so is your success in business determined by your foundations.

The 10 foundations we will discuss are:
  1. Philosophy
  2. Attitude
  3. Goals
  4. Leadership
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Communication
  7. Influence
  8. Abundance
  9. Productivity
  10. Action

These ten areas can have a dramatic impact on the level of your success. Enjoy the video below where I go more in depth...

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How to recruit like a Champion?! The best recruiting scripts from top leaders in Network Marketing

November 26, 2015
So today I wanted to share some of the best recruiting scripts out there and how to apply them.

The first approach is the 'support and practice approach' and this is one of the best approaches for the brand new distributors in business. All you need to do is ask your friends to 'support' you by coming to the business opportunity meeting and taking a look at this business and giving you their opinion. Alternatively, you can tell them that you need to practice your presentation on some people a...
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25 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Network Marketing and how to avoid them?

November 25, 2015
Today I wanted to share with you a very important training that I wish sombody had shared with me when I was getting started in Network Marketing. This training is called 25 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Network Marketing and how to avoid them and it discusses some of the most common and most deadly mistakes in home based business.

#1: Failing to Actually Commit
#2: Jumping from Company to Company
#3: Building Multiple Companies at the Same Time
#4: Verbally Vomiting on your Prospects
#5: Being ...
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