The SPIRIT of the leader has a lot to do with TEAM SUCCESS

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, November 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the spirit of the leader. The title of this blog is, the spirit of the leader has a lot to do with the team success. And that's very true because you as a leader, you set the tone for your team.

If you're always negative, if you always complaining, if you always unhappy, then that's the tone you're going to set for your team. And vice versa, if you speak life into your team, if you speak with enthusiasm, if you’re excited about what you do, if you're passionate about what you do, then you're going to inspire your team to strive to reach higher, to work harder, to progress in the business. Your spirit as a leader will have a lot to do.

Hey, are you as a leader always going to have great days? Are you always going to wake up happy and positive? Are you never going to have challenges? Of course you will. But you are in control of how you speak with other people. Even if you had a bad day, even if you don't feel 100% today, you can choose to speak with excitement. You can choose to speak with enthusiasm. You can choose to speak life into your team, instead of going , “Ah, it sucks today. I hate it. Ah, this company.”

Because guess what? Every company’s going to have its challenges. As my mentor Eric Wore says, “You have to choose the company you want to have the challenges with.” There isn't a company without challenges. There isn't a company without problems. Every company, every business, every human will have their own issues, their own challenges. You’re going to have challenges respectable, regardless.

You might as well choose to react in a different way. Even if it happens, it sucks, but it doesn't help you to pass that negativity down to your team. It's only going to demotivate them, it's only going to make them work less, is going to only piss them off. Speak life into your teams, speak life into people, love on people. When you're talking to your people, just really try to put positive emotions into them. There's enough negativity out in this world. There's enough negativity in the media, in the news, in the magazines, in the newspapers, everywhere, you don't need to be another negative person.

Be the positive one, be the one who inspires, motivates, ignites fire in other people. But to ignite fire in somebody else, you first have to burn yourself. If you're not burning, you can't ignite the fire in other people. Find a way how to fire up yourself, how to find that enthusiasm, how to find that motivation every single day so you can speak life into your customers, into your team members and to people around you and you'll see that will attract other people to you. You will become like a magnet that will attract these people like a light bulb attracts flies in the night.

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