Awesome way to run a CONTEST for your team!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, November 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about a great way to run a contest for your team. What is a great way to run a contest?

There are many different ways how to run different contests. And I'm a fan of contests where people get to enter draw, for example, maybe there's a prize draw, and everybody who recruits one, gets a ticket or sells a product, gets a ticket. This way, it's not only the top three who always win everything, but everybody gets the chance to participate in the prize draw, maybe win the prize.

I also love contests like do and get. When you make a contest where there's no raffle, there's no lottery, its do and get. If you recruit certain amount of people, you get this. If you sell a certain amount, you get that. And that's again, very simple. Make sure you don't make it too difficult. Because if you make the contest impossible, then what's the point? Nobody will do it anyway, the purpose of the contest is to get a lot of people to do a little instead of few people to do loads, because those few people who do loads, they do loads anyway. The purpose of the contest is to turn on everybody else, is to activate those who might have been inactive.

I'm working with one amazing leader. And she shared a great way that she does contest for her team. And that's by giving people a list of things to choose from, like a list of prizes. Instead of just saying, “Hey, if you do this, you get this, or this is going for a prize,” what she does, she makes like three, four, five, maybe six different prizes, different value, different whatever, but there's like a list of different prizes that you can win. And then she announces the contest with whatever conditions, so maybe you need to recruit a certain amount, maybe you need to sell a certain amount, maybe you need to do a certain amount of activity, or whatever it is. And then when you win, you get to choose which prize you want. And the first come first served.

The first person who does the required thing to do is the first person to choose. They can choose whatever they want. If you're the last person, you just get whatever is left. It’s quite interesting, the way that she runs the contest. And it turns on a lot of people because many go, “Oh, I want that. Oh I want this.” Because as always, seeing things will never motivate everybody. Somebody might be motivated by a book while another person might be motivated by a product.

Another person might be motivated by a voucher or whatever. When you have a bunch of different prizes, it will turn on more people within your team because different people are motivated by different things. I thought that was a pretty cool idea and definitely will need to try that in the business and apply that, but I think it's a great way of running a contest. Have a trial yourself, see if that works for your team as well.

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