Chip away the pieces that are NOT YOU!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, December 4, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about chipping away the pieces that are not you. You know, when they asked Michelangelo, who sculpted the statue of David, one of the most incredible statues in the history of the world and when they asked him, “How did you make the statue of David from this piece of marble?” He said, “Well, I was simply chipping away all the pieces of marble that were not David.” So instead of trying to chip the David's shape, he was chipping away what was not David.

I thought that really applies to us as well because we have stuff that is not us and sometimes life and the challenges and the difficulties and the problems is like the grindstone; the grindstone that they sharpen those stuff. Sometimes we try to get away from the challenges, we're trying to get away from the problems, and we’re trying to get away from stuff that is pushing us out of our comfort zone, from the stuff that scares us and all of that, when in reality, we should lean in to the grindstone, and chip away all the stuff that is not us. So we can be the person that we are. So we can be the 100% full potential that we were born to be.

Another story that I really like is the statue of the Golden Buddha. Somewhere in Nepal, before the occupation, they had the statue of golden statue of Buddha in the temple, and when they knew that the occupation is coming, they thought, “How can we hide the statue?” And what they did they use cement to cover the statue of Buddha with cement. So people would think it's just the cement statue and leave it alone instead of stealing it because they saw that it was gold.

So they covered the statute with the cement and occupation came, and people started dying, who knew that the statue was covered. Until one day everybody forgot that that statue was once golden, and it was just covered with cement. One day a kid I think was playing in the temple and it chipped the corner of the statue and he revealed the golden side. When they saw it, they were like, “Wow, surprise!” and they started to chip away all the cement and there you go, they realized that the whole statue was made of gold.

Well, we are also similar to that statue of Buddha. When you are born, you're full of excitement, you want to reach the stars, you want to be the astronaut or the princess and do all these things in the world. But then life happens; the teachers tell you, don't be stupid, the parents tell you that it will never work out; your spouse tells you you're worthless. And bit by bit we start being covered with this cement and before we know it, we lost our dreams, we lost along ambitions, we don't believe the life can get any better, we're not ambitious anymore, we're not trying to seek anything and we sort of become just very average people because we're covered with a cement. But underneath it's still the gold; we are still made of gold, we can still do everything we want.

Sometimes the personal development that you do; the books that you read, the courses that you attend, the events that you go to and the actual process of reaching your dreams starts chipping away that cement to reveal this Golden Buddha, to reveal the golden you where you can become a full version of yourself and a person that was meant to be when you were placed on this planet. So have a think about it. I think it's an interesting concept. I for myself for sure, I'm still chipping away that cement off me as well every single day and hopefully one day I can be the whole golden me that I was born to be. I wish the same thing for you.

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