Other network marketing companies is NOT your competition, but what is?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, December 4, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about who is your real competition in network marketing, it surely isn't the other network marketing companies. The title of this blog post is that other network marketing companies are not your competition.

But who is your competition? Who are you competing against? So you have to understand that other network marketing companies are really your competition, because nowadays, almost all network marketing companies are pretty much the same; they all have different products and services, but the idea is the same. It's great marketing plan, it's great company owners, it’s great product and it’s pretty much the same thing. So you're not competing against other network marketing companies. But who are you competing against?

Well, you are competing against what is now called the gig economy. Things like Uber, like Amazon associate, like all the other types of extra income opportunities that people grab onto and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are taking those opportunities to drive Uber to make an extra three $400 a month, to deliver parcels for Amazon for half a day and get themselves 100 quid extra and to do all these little gigs, that gives people extra income.

Now, what is different between those types of opportunities, and network marketing? Those types of opportunities are much simpler. Think about it; if you join Uber, or you join an Amazon associate or whatever, you don't have a upline, you don't have a complicated system, you don't have to go through 55 trainings in order to start making money. They give you a scanner in your hand or they put the thing on your phone, you go do the job, you get the money. That's it! You start at eight o'clock in the morning, finish a two o'clock in the afternoon, and you got yourself 100 quid extra! Simple, fun and easy!  That's who we are competing against, not other network marketing companies.

So what we have to think and what we have to adapt to, and pivot towards and work towards, is how can we simplify our own business, so that somebody can join your team today, and make 50 quid by the end of the day, and make 100 quid by the end of the day? How can we simplify to where it's 1, 2, 3 bam! You join, you do this, you do that and you start making money. Instead of making all of these complicated training programs and 55 systems, step systems that are just complicated too much and confuse people completely, and they don't even know where to get started and they don't even know what to do.

Simplification, that's the name of the game. We have to simplify it as much as possible. So when a new person joins, yeah, if they want to become the top leader in the company, they want to build massive structure. Yeah, that's going to be more training, etcetera. But if somebody joins your team, and they say, “Look, I just want to make 50 quid a day. Well, I just want to make 30 quid a day extra? How can I do that?” It should be 1, 2, 3. Do this and this. That's it, and you will start making that extra 30, 40, 50 quid a day. How can we make it as simple as possible so people are joining it? Because sometimes people get scared away from network marketing, not because it's a bad opportunity, not because it's whatever, but because it's just simply too complicated. It looks like there's too much work; it looks like you have to be with five degrees from university in order to crack the code of it.

Sometimes we cut the branch on which we're sitting by making it too complicated. A role of the leader is to simplify things. Like Albert Einstein said, any idiot can make things more complicated, but it takes a genius to simplify it. You have to think how you could simplify your business for the person who just wants to make some extra quid; not for the person who wants to go to the top of the marketing plan, not for the person who wants to get the cars and travel the world and be the top leader on the stage.

No, for that person who joins who wants to make few hundred quid a week extra, for that person who just wants to make some extra money every day. How could you simplify to that person where you could fit on one sheet of A4 paper? Not 65 sheets, not on
Encyclopedia Britannica; one Sheet. Thanks for joining. This is what you need to do step one, step two, step three, step four, do this five steps every day and you're ready to go, you're ready to rock and roll and you’re ready to make money. Can you do that? Can you simplify it enough? That will attract more people to your business you'll see and that will get more people to stay in your business as well.

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