Don’t change the GOAL!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, December 4, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about goals and how our vision changes.

Usually the last day of the month most of you network marketers are striving to hit your levels, are striving to hit your qualifications etcetera, and some months you will make it and some months unfortunately, it's just not going to happen. It's just the next qualification; the next level might be a little bit too far, a little bit not enough time and you don't hit the level. The temptation is when you don't reach your goal, when you don't reach your target is to change your target and say, “Ah, maybe I can't reach this level ever. Maybe I can't reach this position.” But that's actually not true.

You know what they say when you don't reach your goal? Don't change your goal, change the deadline, so move it to the next month and say, “Okay, well this month, we didn't manage we were a little bit short from that. So next month, let's focus on it. Let's roll up our sleeves and let's hit the level.” As things happen, loads of things like this year has been nuts, loads of different things happened; the Coronavirus, the quarantines and all of that, but the vision should never change.

The methods change, the tools you use change, the instruments change; we used to go to London every week to do a business presentation and since the COVID started, we haven't done a single presentation. But the business is growing. It's not falling, how come? We’re not traveling, we're not spending time, we're not burning petrol, we're not wasting all of that time and the business is actually growing and we're not doing that particular meeting anymore.

So we have pivoted, and we adapted, and we actually found even more efficient ways to build the business, even more cost effective ways to grow your business and so you don't ever have to change your vision, just because something changed, just because you maybe were a little bit short, you don't have to change the vision or your goal, you just have to adapt to the situation, and maybe move the deadlines say, “Okay, let's try next month.” But what big leaders do, they have what they call short term memory, when it comes to failure. You know what a unsuccessful person does, if they fail to reach a level, if they fail to do something, then they'll say, “Oh, that's it. I'm not doing it anymore. This is all waste of time.” And now they're going to be sorry for themselves for the next two weeks, for the next month, and say, “I'm not doing anything because I've failed at this.”

What successful person does, they also don't like failure, they also don't like not hitting the goal; but they have very short term memory. They say, “Yeah, it sucks. But tomorrow is next month, let's start again.” And they actually make it happen. They keep doing it and doing it until they get the result. They never change the goal. They never change the objective. They just keep trying different things until it works; until they get the result. And for some of you it may take a week, for some of you it may take a couple of months, for some of you it may take few years to get to that dream level; to their dream income, to their dream life but never give up on your dreams. Never give up on that dream life. Never give up on those goals. Never give up on those things; they can still happen for you. You just have to keep going.

The only way for you to fail in network marketing is to stop doing it. That's guaranteed failure. Otherwise, if you keep doing it, you can never fail. You just learn the lessons and you keep going until one day you arrive; you're there, your actual destination, your actual dream income and your actual dream level. And then you'll say, “Oh my Gosh, everything that's been happening, were happening for a reason and here I am finally there.” And I know for some of us, it doesn't come when we want it. Maybe we would love it to come faster, but it doesn't always work like that. But you have to just keep going, keep doing the work, stay consistent, stay focused, and you're going to get there.

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