Are you making money or watching other people make money?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, December 3, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about making money or watching other people make money. This topic is about; are you making money or you're watching other people make money?

Do you know what the TV is called? It's called EIR; Electronic Income Reducer. Well, don't get me wrong, I like a good movie; I like to watch some things with the family, so I’m not like. “Ah, throw away you TV!” However, if most of your time; if like every evening you’re spending watching movies, watching sports, watching TV, then you are literally watching other people make money.

Because you do realize when those actors act in the movie, they make the money, when those TV presenters do the TV show, they make the money, when those sports people are playing on the field, whether that's football, basketball, rugby, American football, whatever it is, they make the money, and you're not. By watching them, you're not making the money.

There are so many people who watch other people make money, but they don't do it themselves. I remember Les Brown talking about it and he said, “When I realized it, that, hey, I need to be on the field if I want to be making money. I need to be playing, if I want to make money. If I'm watching, I'm not making the money.” So you have to think about how is your time allocated? And I'm not saying you never should watch TV, you can never watch a movie, you can never watch sports. But what I mean is, if more of your time goes to watching other people make money, then you actually go and make money, then something's not right. Because you should be making money more time than watching other people make money, because you don't benefit from watching other people make money, but you do benefit from actually doing the actions, don't you?

So you have to ask yourself a question; are you in this to play the game or are you just here to watch the game being played because, hey, it doesn't pay to be. Like even supporting; I see so many people support their football teams; wear the scarves, wear the T shirts, do the flags and everything and I'm like, “That football team is not paying you any commission for promoting them.” But then, if I follow them with a video camera, I could not collect enough evidence to prove in court that they do the network marketing business because they're not telling anybody, they're not cheering, and they’re like a secret agent.

Let me get this right, you’re promoting your football team; you're putting the scarves, you’re putting the flags, you’re putting the T shirts, you're decorating your car with your football team for free. You don't even get paid for that. But your own business, that you actually make money from promoting it, you don't tell anybody about it. Where's the logic? That doesn't make sense at all! But lots of people do that. So think about it next time and think about how much effort are you putting in to building your business and promoting yourself instead of promoting other people that don't even pay you for promoting them?

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