50% OFF next month's ''Essential Training - 7 Skill For Success In Network Marketing''

Tickets are now on sale at a discounted rate of £5 per ticket (will be £10 at the door during the training event)

The question is not weather you should be there. The question is how many of your team members will be there? How much more success in business would you have if all of your team members had a comprehensive understanding of the following skills?:

Essential Skill #1: FINDING PROSPECTS - how we can help our new business partners to have a great start in FM business by taking the most important steps while they are fired up?

Essential Skill #2: INVITING PROSPECTS - how we can help our new business partners NOT to 'ruin' the people they know by saying the 'wrong things'?

Essential Skill #3: PRESENTING - the money IS on the stage, how to become a better presenter and most importantly how to get your team members on the stage and presenting?

Essential Skill #4: CLOSING - how to effectively help people make the decision without the feeling of 'free fall'?

Essential Skill #5: FOLLOW UP - how to take CONTROL over your business by organizing your prospecting process and increasing it's effectivenes?

Essential Skill #6: GETTING PEOPLE STARTED - ever wondered why so many new business partners go into 'whitness protection' as soon as they sign up - like to learn how to fix that?

Essential Skill #7: PROMOTING EVENTS - meetings make money - how can you build your business through events, become a better promoter and increase the attendance?

ALL of the above and MUCH MUCH more will be covered at the next ESSENTIAL TRAINING on Thursday 19th March 2015 @ 6pm!

Lewsey Farm Learning Centre
92 Tomlinson Avenue
Luton, LU4 0QQ

This event is NOT to be missed by anyone who is serious about succeeding in FM Business. Attendance is COMPULSARY for all who are now struggling to build their business 'if something does not work you need to change it - doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the first sign of insanity'!

PARCTICAL SESSIONS and ROLE PLAY exercises using tried and tested RECRUITING SCRIPTS will be part of this training - therefore, you and your business partners will walk out from this training with skills and tools to be used IMMEDIATELY to prospect and recruit new people into business!

BONUS #1: As part of your package you will get your hands on 'The Hottest Recruiting Scripts In MLM by Eric Worre'

BONUS #2: You will get ACCESS to 'The Ultimate Memory Jogger by networkmarketingpro'

BONUS #3: You will get 'Little Black Book of Scripts by Todd Falcone'

The tickets will go fast and the space is LIMITED, therefore, don't delay and book your tickets well in advance to SECURE YOUR SEAT at the next EVENT.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS by calling or emailing RITA on 07988553684 or rita_grineviciene@yahoo.com

-Immerse yourself into this training.
-Refocus and recommit to build your business in a professional way.
-Gain strenght and re-charge your 'batteries'

TOP LEADERS will be in attendance giving you and your team a UNIQUE opportunity to learn the 'inside' tips and tricks of the ELITE!

OBJECTIONS and DIFFICULTIES in business will be discussed and answers and ways to HANDLE DIFFICULT PROSPECTS will be provided!

Succeeding in business starts with a DECISION to get better. Don't ask for things to get easier - ask to get better. In order to EARN MORE we first need to LEARN MORE

'Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you will make a living, if you work hard on yourself you will make a fortune'' ~Jim Rohn


Buy 5 tickets for £25 get 1 Ticket Free!
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This event is going to be EPIC!


Here is what some people said about Essential Training:


''Amazing training, I will personally go there as many times as I can until I learn all of it personally and can teach others. Everybody who consider themselves a leader or would like to become one - should be on this training again and again. Only soaked in this information and applied it in practice and helping others to do the same we can expect to have the results we desire. Information there is given on the plate and all you need to do is take it. Make sure you invite all your team!'' ~ Irena Oliver - FM World Jasper Star, Luton

''My business had flat-lined and I needed to know how to approach new potential customers to my business. The energy with which Gediminas delivered the Essential Skills training made me realise how to set about attracting new clients and follow up to understand their perceptions of my proposals and engage competently to subsequently help them be successful in their business. I wholeheartedly recommend this training.''

~David Meanwell   FM Business Partner, Bedford 

''I attended the Essential Training by Gediminas Grinevicius, and I found it was exactly that. Essential.

As a network marketer I need to approach potential partners to invite them to consider joining my business. I understand my product offer and could talk about it with passion.

What Gediminus showed me was how to systematically Invite prospects, Present my business proposition, obtain their Decision and Follow-Up with those who chose to join my business to get them Started efficiently and Promote Events. For me this was like a light-bulb switching on, showing me how to promote my business professionally.

I am now confident I can achieve my growth goals for the year and I look forward to Gediminas next phase training.  

The pace of the training is fast, you get one short break for coffee, so go seriously prepared to learn!''

~ Caterina Meanwell     FM Business Partner, Bedford

''I attended this training in November, it is by far the best FM training I have ever been to.
So many FM Business Partners say, "I don't know what to say to new people"
How do I get new recruits?
This training takes you through a PROVEN DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM, to take all that guessing and fear away.
It's not just a " I hope' it works...it is an assurance it will ,IF you follow the training.
It's simple and can be pitched at any level..learn it in bite size pieces, the materials, slides are sent to you, so you can practise, practise, practise at home..
Successful people are those who regularly failed and kept going until they mastered it.
It was soooooo good, I'm going back again on 19th Feb, are you?
I've bought Go Pro book and I'm reading it...I love FM but I'm not satisfied at my level, are you?
Oh and if Irena Oliver our Jasper Star attended it, what does that say to us?

Gediminas has an incredible engaging style of Presenting, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat. See you at the top!'' ~Jacinta Smyth FM Business Partner, London

''The essential training is one of the resources I keep going back to. This training was great because it helped me to be strategically focused. It helped me to highlight the mistakes I was making and drew my focus on particular areas of my business practice. The main area which this training helped me with was with inviting prospects, because I had the desire and I was making attempts, but my approach and delivery was all wrong so being provided with expert scripts on what to say in a variety of situations was excellent and just want I needed.'' ~Kyumah Onyemekwuru FM Business Partner, Luton

''This is a 'must attend' training/event/seminar ... It is like Gediminas 'The Guvnor' has swallowed Eric Worre whole and redelivered his teachings in bite sized chunks... rapid fire delivery so get along and hang on to your hat'' ~Ian Cording FM Pearl Orchid, Bedford

''FM Essential Training A must to improve & step up your business & knowledge of MLM & FM . VALUABLE & PROVEN information, guidance & support from up-line team partners . Friendly atmosphere always Highly Recommend'' ~ Sharon Anderson FM Business Partner, Milton Keynes

''Gediminas's training is always motivating and full of positive impressions:) He has a good approach to people and people listen to him !!! I really like to listen to him, because he can penetrate into the human mind I'm glad for his success in the company and I wish him even more !!!'' ~Jarek Kryk FM Business Partner, Luton

'' Being part of this training was fantastic!!! The contents I have are something I will be taking with me throughout my all career in network marketing. It was a great job produced by Gediminas. Looking forward for the next event.'' ~Tiago Mascarenhas FM Business Partner, Milton Keynes

''Guys, there's another Essentials training in February! This is an event not to be missed. I attended one before and the information is as it says 'Essential'.

It's made a positive impact on my business AND I'm going to this one in February because there's even more information than the one I went to. I am bringing some of my team, see you there!'' ~Amina Timothy FM Business Partner, Luton

''Last week I was able to join Gediminas and other leaders and FM Business Partners in Essential Training. And that was exactly what I needed! Great tips and advice, practical advice with role play, in-deep recruitment and sponsorship training with amazing motivational part! I feel much more refreshed regarding my Network Marketing skills and this particular training has helped me not only to sharpen them but to also overview my other skills which need a touch up. Thank you Gediminas for this!'' ~Diana Simkauskaite FM Pearl Orchid, Netherlands

''The Essentials training is truly an amazing training, great for new and the most experienced leaders in the business. You can learn so much and discover new ways to do things, it can really be an eye-opener to making you realise the things you're missing out and forgetting that can impact your business and life in so many ways. I recommend this to anyone and to attend it not just once!'' ~Mindaugas Kairys FM Pearl Orchid, Luton

'' I was very impressed with your training and I would recommend it to anyone who wants more experience and motivation this training is not to be missed so you must get on board now'' ~Alphanso Clake FM Business Partner, Luton

''Your training is great, I was already 3 times and every time I learn more and more and I try to practice and it works. I would say that everybody who wants to be professional and successful in business must 'go'.'' ~ Birute Simkauskiene Cording FM Golden Orchid, Bedford