£ 786 

Personal Breakthrough Coaching - 12 Week Private Coaching Experience


What is the Personal Breakthrough Coaching?

Over the course of 3 full days, we will personally work strategically on you together. We will work with you on a one-to-one basis focusing fully on helping you to breakthrough any barriers that might be holding you back and to set new and exciting goals that will change your life.


Your Personal Breakthrough Coaching will include but is not limited to:


Discovery Session to determine your

Goals and Vision

The 3 Stage Plan

Uncovering challenges and blind spots

Re-energizing and motivating


Changing Past 

Release of Negative Emotions

Overcoming limiting beliefs and limiting decisions

Getting rid of negative habits or behaviours

Defeating all internal conflicts


Creating Future

Goal Setting

Goal Writing

Goal Getting


Business Mastery

Systems and Structures


DMO - Daily Method of Operation

Time Management 

Personality Types

Social Media

and much more...


Determine What Is Holding You Back

All of us need help to figure out what is keeping us from realizing our full potential. Whether you are brand new, have had moderate success or are already a high earning professional, there are things holding you back from achieving what you were truly meant to achieve. We will work together to identify those roadblocks and eliminate them.


Take Inventory Of Your Current Assets

We will assess what you have already and look for things currently available that you can build on. You may have existing skills you want to highlight. There may be hidden skills and talents in your inventory that just need a little help to come out. Regardless, we will take a deep inventory of the assets you have available to you and use them to magnify your results.


Create A Customized Game Plan

One of our most valuable skill sets is in the area of strategy. We will personally work together to create a specific and dynamic game plan that is guaranteed to get results. Part of that will be personal coaching and support through your own game plan, but that’s not all. We will map out your growth strategy. 


The Persnal Breakthrough Coaching is PERFECT for you if…

You are dissatisfied with your results to the point where you’re ready to make a change

You are driven, ambitious and ready for a Breakthrough

You are serious about helping others in your life

You are prepared to be coachable even if that means getting out of your comfort zone

You deeply understand the power and importance of being surrounded by other like minded individuals

You are ready to BREAKOUT and double or triple your income


Ongoing support

You will receive ongoing support that will allow you to keep the momentum of growth and personal development over a 12 week live coaching calls