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This topic is an interesting one. What to do if you've been with too many network marketing companies?

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are people who've been with two, three, four, five, six, seven or more different network marketing companies in the past. And then when this person joins a new company, they go like, “Oh my gosh, how am I going to approach my friends and family now because I've been with so many different companies, of inviting them to so many different businesses and try to sell them so many different products? How on earth am I going to build my business?” And it happens. For me, I'm lucky that nine years ago, I joined my first company, and it's going to be my last one. So I've never needed to go to another company or to another business. I just loved it from day one. I fell in love with our product, with our team, with our business and I just stayed with it. I'm lucky in that way.

So many people don't get so lucky. The first few tries they get into network marketing, they sometimes don't get the right support or they don't get passionate about the product or the company goes out of business. Sometimes that also happens, so there might be many reasons why you've been in a couple of different network marketing companies and it didn't work out for you. So you might be just joined recently a new company and now you're thinking, like, how am I going to approach people because I've already approached them with different kind of businesses and different kinds of products. How is this going to all work out? So what do you say to those people, how do you do that? And the answer is very simple.

You go for cold market. Now if you don't know there's two types of market is warm market and there is cold market. Now warm market are your friends and family and basically people that you know very well, they're very close to you, that's your warm market. Now your cold market is everyone else, is the rest of the world. Now I know some of you go, “Hold it, hold it. I want to do business with my family and friends.” Do, totally fine, absolutely cool, do but offer products, go to your friends and family and say, “Hey look, the business I started is probably not a fit for you, but I would love you to become my customer. I would love you to try out my product for a month. I'm sure you're going to love it. I'm sure you're going to get value from it.”

Now some of them will go, “Oh, why would the business not be for me? Maybe I'm interested in the business.” Then you can ask the person and go, “Yeah, yeah, well, I suppose you could do business too.” But go with a complete disqualification straightaway say, “Look, I know my business is not for you.” because you already offered them 15 different companies, right? So the chances are, they don't want to join your business. So you come to them and go, “Hey, I know my business is not for you, but I would love you to try my product, is super affordable, is great quality. I'd love you to try it out. I think you would like it, because you appreciate great quality.”

But my tip for you is go for the cold market. Go for the people that don't know you. Now what would be advantage of going for people that don't know you? The advantage is, they don't know this is your eighth company. They don't know this is the 15th business that you're doing. It's a clean slate. Strangers don't know your history. They don't know how many times you failed in network marketing. They don't know how many different companies you've done. They don't know how many different products you've sold. For them, it's brand new, they never met you, for all they care, this is the first business that you do and this is the first product that you sell.

There's a huge benefit in approaching people who don't know you because you can build a tremendous business without having this baggage that, “Oh, everybody knows that this is my fifth company that I failed before.” Well, strangers don't know that. They don't know your history. They don't care about your history, all the case what you're offering to them right now. So don't get addicted to, “Oh, but how will I approach all of these people that I already told about my other business?” Don't worry about them, approach new people, start building a new business.

There are seven billion people on this planet, like you're not going to run out of people to talk to. So don't worry about convincing that one person who as soon as they see you, they get the crucifix out. They got the garlic, sprinkling holy water just to get rid of you because you're like MLM devil for them. Don't worry about convincing them. In network marketing, we don't convince people, we sort through people. So start sorting, stop convincing, start sorting. If you speak to somebody and they go, “Oh, it's just one of those MLM.” You go, “Hey, don't worry about it. How are the kids? How's work?”

Change the topic, don't worry about it. I love where they say, “Your friends and family will not support you until they see strangers celebrate you. So go crush it with complete strangers, offer the business to everybody you meet and you will find amazing people from social media from face to face. And you can build a tremendous business without having to drive that baggage without having to try to drive that cross on your bag. You know, I've done so many companies have failed so many times.

You don't need to tell it to new people, right? Because they don't know so you just get going and you say hey, I found this amazing opportunity. I'm running with it. I want to share it with you, are you up for it? Would you be open to see? No, no problem next? Would you be open to see? No, next. Yes. Great. Let me show you how right? That's all, but you don't have to do so. So don't get addicted to just promoting your business to people who already seen the business. And as you start gaining success as you start recognizing your new team members as you start getting rewarded yourself, guess what? Your friends and family are watching you.

Now, they may be not liking your posts, they're not commenting under your posts, but guess what? They're watching you trust me, like amount of times I've had people reach out to me meet with someone and they go, “Oh my gosh, I love your videos. They're amazing.” And I'm like, “Well, you've never liked my video. I've never seen you in my like. I've never saw a comment from you.” But they are watching. So reality is that don't worry about the people that have seen you doing different businesses, it’s totally fine, right? It's like if you had 10 different jobs, would you be scared to go and get another job? No, because it's just the job.

So just because you been with other companies totally cool, right? It doesn't really mean anything. You experience you've learned something, right and now you’re ready for a different challenge for a different opportunity for a different company, etcetera and it's totally awesome. So don't beat yourself up about it. You know, don't live in a past, learn from the past, but don't live in the past.

So learn the lessons that you've learned over there and then apply what you've learned and start better, start fresh and just treat it like it's the first time you’re in network marketing, treat it like it's the first time you're going to do it for real, treat it like this is going to be it this is you found your home and this is where you're going to be for the rest of your life. You know, don't build the business for a day for a month for a year. You know, build a legacy, and build a business that's going to pay you income for the next 40 years, for the next 50 years. Build a business that you can leave by will to your children to inherit how cool would they would be that. Like it's a sad story.

But we had a leader, amazing woman who built a huge business, you build a diamond business in our company and then unfortunately, she passed away because of cancer. But guess what, she left her business to her son and daughter and her son and daughter are still earning the money, they still picking up the cheque every single month for the business that their mom has built up over the years, their son and daughter are going to our trips, you know, company trips, free holidays because their mom has built the business they carried on building the business after the mom passed away, and now they built even to a bigger size.

It's so powerful so don't make short term decisions in your business. You know, don't look like I can get some money now. It's going to damage my business down the line, but let me get this money now. Don't do those decisions; make decisions for a long term business. How would I act if my business was to run for 1000 years? How will I do it, what would I do? What decisions would I make? So sometimes you might be tempted for those short term, sort of, dodgy kind of, you know, like in the green line, sort of decisions, but on the long run, it's going to bite you in the ass. So why do that? You know, like, I've seen people try to steal a distributor, or from their downline which like makes total no sense.

But imagine that you know, how much damage that can cause because it takes years to build up the trust, but you can lose that trust, just like that. So you definitely don't want to make decisions based short term, you know, I can grab some money here or I can make some quick buck here, right? Because long term is not going to benefit you, you know, think that this is long term. I'm going to build this business for the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years. This is going to be a legacy business. I'm going to build a business so huge is going to be unbelievable, you know on my goal list on my definite major purpose, I've got it written down, I want 150,000 people in my team.

Now I know that's not even a huge like there's people who build half a million teams a million things. But that's my goal, right to build a team of 150,000 people with seven diamond legs in my team, right? That's my goal. That's what I'm going for because that's legacy. Once you've built a business of that size, how awesome is that? Knowing that you are impacting 150,000 people every single month, how would that feel? Absolutely incredible, isn't it? It's no longer just about the money.

It's no longer just about getting that car, that holiday. It's about leaving a legacy, putting your name in someone's testimonial, somebody coming up to you or somebody saying long after you've passed away that oh, because of that person, my life has changed because of that person's teachings of because of that person's advice my life has changed course and it's now so amazing. Thank you. You know, how powerful is that? That's better than anybody.

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