Think like a FISH 🐟 not like a FISHERMAN 🎣

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I want to talk about thinking like the fish and not like the fishermen. What on earth am I talking about?

Well, when you're a network marketer, when you are business builder, it is natural for you to think as a business builder, for you to think as a recruiter, for you to think as a salesperson. And if you do, you're missing the trick. And very often you will do things that are not effective, or not as effective as they could be, if you were thinking as the fish. So what on earth does it mean? Well, if I want to sell a product, if I want to sell more product, I have to stop thinking like the salesperson and I have to start thinking like the customer who I'm trying to sell to.

If I have a product, I grab a product and go, “Hey, I have this compass, buy this compass from me. Compass, buy a compass.” That’s what Salesforce is supposed to do. Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. I can keep going. Buy, buy compass, it’s a very nice compass. Nice compass.

But I'm thinking as a fisherman, I'm thinking as a salesperson. Now, if I'm a clever salesperson, I’ll think as a fish, I’ll think as the consumer. Now, why would somebody buy a compass? Because they want a compass? No, nobody wants a compass. People will buy a compass, because they want to know the direction. They’re going into the sea, or they’re going into the forest and they want to know the direction. That's why they're going to buy the compass.

So if I want to sell the compass, I don't need to shout compass, compass, buy compass. Instead, I might say, “Hey, who wants to know the direction where they going? Would you like to be better at telling people direction? Would you like to be the cool guy who knows the direction where to go and tell your mates the direction?” Now I'm thinking like the fish.

Now I'm thinking like the customer, I'm thinking, what does this customer want? How does this customer want to feel? What experience is this customer looking for? And how can I fulfil that experience with the product that I have? I'll think, what problem does my product solve? Does it make people lose weight? Does it make people look better? Does it make people feel better? Does it make people sleep better? Does it make people have shiny white teeth? What does it do? Not what it is, but what does it do?

What problems does it solve? And I'm going to market the problems. I'm going to market the solutions, not the product. I won't even mention the damn product. Instead, I'll market the solutions to the problems. And that's how I'm now thinking as a fish. I'm thinking what am i customers looking for? What problems are they suffering with? What is pissing them off that I could solve? That's different way of thinking.

And this way, you will get attention. This way, you'll get people interacting with you. This way, you'll get people curious about what is it that you do, because you're offering solutions to their problems. You’re offering to give them stuff that they can't get anywhere else.

Always think like that. Always think how can I think as a customer, what is my customer looking for? And same goes with recruiting. If you just shout, “Join my team, join my team, join my team.” You can do that and some people will join your team, but you could think what is my potential recruit looking for? Maybe they looking to take the kids to Disneyland and I could go on my Facebook and go, “Hey, who's dreaming about taking the kids to Disneyland?”

Now, I want to get as many comments as I would get on whatever post, but the comments that I get its target market, these people have the problem that I can solve. Who out here wants a new car? Who out here is fed up of the old banger and want a new car? I can solve that problem. Yep. Who out here has too much month at the end of the money? I can solve that problem.

Again, I'm thinking like the fish instead of a fisherman, “Ground floor opportunity, join my life changing business opportunity, is 55 levels and you get this on the marketing plan.” All this jargon, that means nothing to your prospect because if somebody is not in network marketing, all of that is just jibber jabber, it means nothing to that person. Speak human; speak the language that your prospect will understand.

A lot of you go, “Hey, who wants to be financially free.” Most people don't even know what that means. But who wants to earn an extra 250 quid this month? That's the language most people can understand. So again, change your thinking, change your language, stop doing what everybody else is doing, because what everybody else is doing is lazy. It's called lazy marketing, “Buy, buy, join, join.” It's lazy.

It's people who don't use their brain, its people who are too lazy to even put two sentences together. Stand out, be different, different is better than better. Different is better than better. You don't need to be better than other people, you just need to be different. And they'll go, “Oh my gosh, I kind of really love her posts. I can really relate to that stuff. What the hell is she doing? I want to ask.” Because now they're relating to you, because you're different. You’re not like everybody else just spamming away, just spamming away.

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