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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about support. In this blog, I wanted to talk to you guys about requiring support.

So, when you start your home based business, when you start your network marketing business, you may want to have support, support of your family, support of your friends, support of your work colleagues and so on, but that's not required. You don't have to have support in order to become successful in your home based business. And if you are hindering your success, on the support that you will receive from other people, you're most likely going to fail.

So the reality is that you don't need to have support of other people in order for you to succeed. I love this quote that Eric Wore shared when I was attending his training in Las Vegas, he said that your friends and family will not support you until they see strangers celebrate you. That's important to understand. Your friends and family will not support you until they see strangers celebrate you. So sometimes you actually just have to go out and crush it and get great results and then when your leaders, when your team members start celebrating you on social media, start recognizing you at events, that's when your friends and family will start taking you seriously.

Why? Because you can't be a prophet in your own town. Usually the people who are closest to us, they believe the least to us and it's just the way it happens. That's how the world is set out and I'd love to change that but you just can't change it. But there's so many people who requires support, like, “Oh, if my husband is not going to support me, if my wife is not going to support me then I can’t become successful.” And hey, it's going to be rough for you to become successful.

And sometimes it is your own making. What do I mean by that? Is that probably you had support in the first 17 companies that you've joined, but then at some point, your partner or significant other or the family goes, “Hey, just give it a break. How many of these are you going to join? How many times do we need to see you trying to sell something to us and trying to recruit us into something before like you give it a break?”

Sometimes it's our own fault, because we were not working hard enough in the business that we were doing, because we didn't put the effort and the time and the commitment that we were supposed to put in our business, then we keep letting ourselves down and everybody around us until they go, “Hey, this is just costing money. This is just becoming ridiculous because you're just jumping from one to another and you're not getting any success.”

So if you want support, just start producing results, just start making money. And very quickly, you'll start getting supportive everybody. You start taking your significant other on the incentive trips; five star holidays, you start getting Mercedes cars, you start rolling in the money 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 a month into your home budget from your business, guess what, your family, your friends, your colleagues will become super supportive all of a sudden for some reason, right?

Why? Because they see that you're taking it seriously for once, you know what I mean? So most likely, if you're not getting support from people around you, is because you're not providing results. You're not proving that you're serious about this thing. You're not doing the actual work and they’re going hey, you just kidding yourself and everybody around you, you just got yourself a hobby, you spending the money and you are not making it, you know what I mean?

But in some cases, you might have an unsupportive spouse. You know, you might be one of those unlucky people who, you know, you're really trying to make this work, you're really working hard, and it's just your significant other. Not only that, they're not supporting you, they are actually ridiculing you, they are saying bad things about you, they're laughing at you, and so on. And in that case, you might need to have, again, that conversation because at the end of the day, we teach others how to treat us. You teach others how to treat you.

Now, I know it might sound distasteful, you might not like the taste of this, you know, because that's your responsibility. But at the end of the day, you are teaching others how to treat you if others are treating you like shit probably you allowed them to treat you like shit before and that's why they carried on right because if you let people know that that behaviour or that type of relationship is not going to be accepted, then the person is not going to carry on doing it. They're not going to carry on treating you like that. But sometimes because you allow them to do it once you allow them to do twice, you allow them to do it three times, then they feel like it's okay to treat you like crap.

Like it's okay to ridicule you, like it's okay to laugh at you. So you might want to have that conversation where you speak to your significant others or very close family members who support you would really appreciate and you might want to speak to them and say, “Look, I don't really need you to support me in this, I don't need you to buy anything from me. I don't need you to join my business. But what I need you to do is not sabotage me. I need you to stop criticizing me. I need you to stop putting blocks on my road. I need you to stop saying bad things in front of other people about me or my business or my product because that is actually sabotaging my success that is actually preventing me from achieving success and if you respect our marriage or you respect our relationship, then you will, you will do that for me.

I don't need you to support me, I don't need you to help me in this business but at least don't sabotage me, don't make it harder for me to achieve the success, because that is just showing disrespect.” And have that real conversation with the person because you might have chickened out of this conversation before and they just assumed that it's okay to pick on you. It's okay to bully you. It's okay to ridicule you. So you might want to have that conversation. I had to have that conversation earlier on in my network marketing career, because I said, hey with the family like you, I don't need enemies. I'm kidding, right? I love my family, and I love my parents and my brother and everybody, but it's just sometimes they don't get it that little remarks or something that can really hurt. You can really put your confidence down, so sometimes you might need to have that conversation with your close friends.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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