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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, February 13, 2020 Under: Personal Development

So the title of this blog goes, somebody copied my post and it has a surprised face, a crying face and it has an angry one.

So want to talk about copying posts, I want to talk about network marketing and about duplication. So my job as your leader, my job as your mentor, and I hope in one way or another you look at me as a mentor, maybe if you're watching my videos, is to challenge your mind-set, is to help you to think in a different way is to help you to grow as a person and as a leader. So listen to me carefully in this video, I truly hope that you will because it can transform your life and it can transform your business.

Just starting with I think that I'm going to be stretching your mind-set right? So just bear with me. So we are constantly training people to be unique, to stand out, to put their own spice into their post, to put their own emojis, to do their own twist, to use unique images and things like that. However, network marketing is all about duplication. It's all about people doing simple things all and all over again, and getting results right. So this lack mentality comes where people feel threatened, or they feel annoyed, or they feel angry when somebody is taking their photo, when somebody is taking the text, when somebody is using the images, and things like that, and I understand it, just hear me out. I was that person. I used to be the person who would get furious with other people sneaking my photos.

I want to get pissed off with other people stealing my ideas. I used to be that person. So if you are that person right now, I'm not judging you, I'm not attacking you, I'm not threatening you in any way. I just want you to start thinking in a different way. I just want you to expand your mind a little bit. And if I managed to do that, I can change your life, I promise because somebody changed my life when they expanded my mind-set. So just hear me out on this, okay?

Now, network marketing, it's all about duplication and very many people doing the same thing. So if your objective in this business is to grow a massive business, to grow a team of thousands, 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, you need to listen to this. Why? Because there is a lot more people who are not creative than people who are creative.

For every creative person, for every person that has great imagination, that has an amazing ability with language and with putting posts and making nice pictures, there's another 99 people who are rubbish at it. And I'm one of those people, like I’m crap with words, I'm crap with coming up with beautiful pictures and things like that. So if you want to grow a tremendous organization, huge hundreds of thousands of people, but you expect everybody to come up with unique posts, you expect everybody to come up with unique pictures, you will struggle to build a big business.

I promise you that because most of your team members they'll go, “Oh, I don’t know what to post, I don’t know what to do but I'm not allowed to copy anybody.” They will struggle and eventually they'll just give up. They will not post the tool then because they won’t to know what to do. Because think about a normal job environment. When you start a normal job, do they just say, “Well be unique, be creative. Do what you feel you want to do.” Do they do that. No, they go follow the bloody system. This is what you need to do, this is when you take your tea break, this is when you go on holiday. Like they give you a structure, they give you a frame. And that's what most people are used to. They’re used to be given the stuff to do. So when you ask them, “Hey, just figure this thing out.” Just think of it, it’s just again more for them.

They just go, “Oh my gosh, I can never do this. Like I'm not that creative person.” So bear that in mind, because if you want to build a huge business, this is going to bite you in the ass if you require everybody to be unique, if you require everybody to be a genius of copy-writing and things like that. So just keep that in mind. And if you think about it, it goes completely against what network marketing is all about, because if you require everybody to be unique, then you're going to sell different products.

So Billy now can only sell perfume and Chantelle can only sell candles and Sierra can only sell home cleaning products, and this person can only sell makeup, because we can't all be selling the same product. That's ridiculous, right? No, it's not. That's what network marketing is about. Everybody doing the same thing? Is everybody going to go for a different incentive program? Susanna can only go for the Maldives holiday and Peter can only go for the car incentive and this person can only go for extra cash because we can't be all bloody doing the same thing. Can we? Well, we can. That's the whole point of network marketing. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people doing the same thing, that's the mind-set. I hope you're still with me. I'm seeing some of you dropping off some of you giving up on me, right? Don't keep listening to this. This is going to change your life in your business. Keep listening to this right.

And all of this challenge, all of this being annoyed with people copying you-- you see, I get so passionate, my mouth dries up. So I need some water. But all of this is not your fault. If you feel angry at people copying your pictures and your post, if you feel annoyed with that, it's not your fault because you've been conditioned. It's your old blueprint, because they have conditioned you for about 12 years in school and then if you went to university some more, that is bad to copy. It's cheating. If you copy somebody else's plagiarism, you can't, you have to come up with your own stuff. It has to be unique. It has to be different. You cannot look at your partner, you can ask for advice.

And that's what you've been conditioned all of these years in school and in university and in college. Now you come into business, you feel like you're cheating or you feel like other people are cheating by taking your post. And that's just not but it's okay because that's what you've been conditioned right? So we have to change that mind-set. We have to work on ourselves right?

And in reality, in real business, the only way for you to grow your business and to become super successful is by modelling people, is by modelling successful people, is by looking what successful people do and you doing the same thing. It's the same everywhere. If you want it to be become a great runner, you need to find a great runner and start eating the way they eat, start exercising the way they exercise, start doing the things that they do and very soon you'll start running like that runner.

Same in the business. You don't need to be unique. You don't need to invent the wheel, you have to find somebody successful and start copying what they're doing. Start modelling them. That's the key for success in business. That's why we hire coaches. That's why we hire mentors so that it can shave off years of our experience of trying to figure it out by ourselves. Actually going to successful person say yeah, can I give you 1000 pounds and you teach me everything that you've learned over the last 20 years, right?

So that's the whole point. In the real world, the only way to progress and to build a tremendous business is by modelling and copying other successful people. So again, that's going to help you tremendously if you release this, “I can’t because I have people copying my stuff, I can't copy other people's stuff.” Release that, you need to start this mentality of sharing of letting other people like for me now, I don't care if somebody takes my post. I don't care if somebody takes my pictures.

You know, if you want to take my profile picture, use it if you want, if it's going to give you results, but I don't give a damn right like if it helps you take anything, take everything that I do and use it as long as it helps you as long as it because I believe that the God and the universe has this balance. You know, maybe you get annoyed with somebody taking your post, but then one of your team members will take a post from somebody else. And that will help you to build your business then, you know, so there's always given take, there's always this balance.

If somebody takes your post, don't worry, you might find some ideas somewhere else and you take somebody else's idea. It's okay. It's fine. That's the whole balance of it, right? So don't be one of those people. It's my pressures. Don't take it from me, right? It's going to stop you from success. It's going to slow you down so much. If you have that mind-set, where you just clutching everything, whether it's money, whether it's information, whether it's posts, whatever it is, it's going to massively deteriorate your business, if you will be that Scrooge McDuck.

You really want to let this flow the only way to have things in your life is when it's flowing. You get some and you give some you get some you give some that's the way of progressing in business. That's the way of developing really big business. So it’s really important for you to get this because especially if you're in my team if I'm one of your leaders, if I'm somewhere in your upline or maybe I'm your direct sponsor, if I'm giving you this advice, think about it. Your income is directly tied to my income.

Meaning that if I give you advice, that will damage your business that will make you make less money, then I'm going to be making less money. So why the heck would I advise you to do anything that will reduce my own income? Like I'm not that stupid, right? Anything that I give you advice on anything that I tried to teach you is to help you to make more money because if you make more money, guess what happens? I make more money!

So if I'm giving you this advice, especially if you’re in my team, you need to hear this, because I wouldn't give you this advice if it was to damage your business. If somebody taking your posts would take away from your business. I wouldn't do that. But I know if you release it; if you start sharing it, if you start just, “Just take it. Yeah, you want an idea? Get it. Yeah. Awesome!” You cannot imagine how much you will attract to you. People will start becoming attracted with you. And things will come from places you didn't even expect. It's very rare that you give and it comes back from the same place.

Most of the time, you'll give somebody and they'll come from somewhere else and you'll go, “Oh my Gosh, this person is so nice to me. I don't even know why!” It's the universe saying thank you. It's the God saying thanks because you were nice to that person. Let me make some other people be nice to you, right? You cannot imagine how this will increase your business. So I want to give you actually a story because there's one team member that I'm super, super proud of today and her name is Jenny. Many of you know Jenny, Jenny is wonderful. And this morning, Jenny is going through her Facebook, and she sees in somebody else's group her image.

Literally, it has the watermark, because she writes on her images, her team's name and she sees her image in somebody else's group, right? Now, can’t she get frustrated? Can’t she get mad at this person? Can’t she lash out to them and message them saying, “How dare you take my image!” She could have done that. But guess what she does? She messaged that person and says, “Hey, I saw you use one of my images. Would you like me to send you one without my watermark? The one that hasn't got my team name on it and you can use it on your group, would that be fine?” How different is that? How different is that mind-set?

I freaking love her for doing that, because that is just growth, that is just shows such a maturity, that just shows such an advanced level of thinking you cannot imagine and you will see she will get rewarded for that, she will get rewarded tenfold for doing simple stuff like that for being nice to that person for really encouraging them and not lashing out to them even though she had the whole right to do that. You know what I mean? It's so huge. If somebody is copying you take it as a compliment. It means you're doing something right because nobody is copying shit. So if you've been copied, that means you're good. That means the stuff you’re sharing is awesome.

That means somebody got inspired by you. So that's a compliment to you. You shouldn't get offended by it. You shouldn't get mad, but you should go oh my gosh, I'm so grateful. That's another compliment this person really likes my stuff. That person really thought that I came up with something unique and something amazing. Wow, I love it right. Thank you for taking my post. Thank you for copying me because that just shows you that I'm doing something great. Thank you so much. How different is that thinking from lashing and hating on that person and how does that make you feel? When you hate somebody when you're angry at somebody? Does that make you feel good? No, it makes you feel bad. It makes you feel, you know, rotten from inside. So get away from those emotions, get away from those feelings, that’s only going to damage you.

So there is greatness inside of each and every one of you. I truly believe that each and every one of you has greatness inside of you. Don't let that greatness to be shrunk by this lack mentality that there's not enough people. There's not enough business. There are not enough customers. There are 7 billion people out there is going to be enough for everybody. There's going to be enough customers for the companies and for the distributors. There’s got to be enough team members and business partners for everybody forever, it will never run out. So let that greatness shine and don't let you be shrunk by all of those negative feelings.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

Yours in success


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