Life has no meaning! 😮

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Serious title for the blog, life has no meaning.

Some of you probably jumped on the city just to check if I'm okay. Don't worry, I'm not in depression or I'm not you know having any bad day or anything like that? There’s reason why I called the blog like that, because I want to talk about something and it's again, it's about your attitude. Again, it's about your mindset. So the blog says life has no meaning and it doesn't. Life has no meaning, like people all the time talk about meaning of life, meaning of being alive, what's the meaning of my life, but actually your life has no meaning except the meaning that you give to it.

Now, same life, but somebody might be grateful for all the blessings, your body as an incredible blessing, your family, your relationships, your friends, the food you eat, the cars you drive, the planes you fly, and I could go on and on. All of these things are incredible and you are blessed with all of those things, blessed with all of the things that you never had to invent. I'm blessed with the phone that I have that I didn't have to invent it. I'm blessed with libraries that I didn't have to stop. I'm blessed with rose that I didn't have to build, I'm blessed with houses that I didn't have to build, and so on and so on. And you can look at the life that the meaning of my life is this amazing journey. It's amazing bunch of blessings and incredible relationships and fabulous experiences and it's just incredible journey.

And even the challenges are there to make me better, to make me smarter, to make me more resilient, to make it a whole more interesting. So that could be the meaning that I assigned to my life. Or I could choose assigned the meaning to the life that world is a horrible place full of horrible people with loads of horrible things happening. Politics are bad, education system is rubbish, the government is corrupt. People are just going all downhill and this whole thing is just a massive disaster. That could also be the meaning that I assign to life.

Guess what, in both ways I would be right either way, because you can see truth in both sides that the world is beautiful place and full of blessings and life is just amazing journey, or that it's all horrible. It's all downhill and it's all just really, really horrendous experience, you know what I mean? So the life in itself has no meaning, like you were not born and nobody puts in to your birth certificate that this person's life is going to be horrible, or this person's life is going to be beautiful. It didn't happen. You were born as a blank slate. And then you choose the meaning that you assign to your life, to your year, to your month, to a day, to every single hour and every single minute. You choose the meaning that you assigned to your relationships, you choose the meaning that you assigned to how the world treats you.

So you could be a victim where everybody's against you, life is just rigged against you. You just unlucky, you just like, nobody looks after you, everybody's being horrible to you, and blah, blah, blah. Or you can choose the meaning that hey, if it's to be, it's up to me, I make my own life, I make my own reality, I make my own history, I make my own future and it's really entirely up to me to make it great for that, again, two different meanings.

Same in business, I talk a lot about business, I talk a lot about home based business so you could, again, have different values or different meanings that you assign to it. If you have some challenges in your business, you could assign the meaning that the business is not for you that it will never work out for you, that it’s just really bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, or you could assign a meaning that, “Wow, these challenges that I'm experiencing, they're making me a better business person. They're making me wiser, stronger, smarter, so that I can learn how to be better, and if I didn't get all the goals that I wanted to straight away, well, maybe that's a sign that I had to grow as a person and become better before I get to that because maybe if I achieve that success without becoming better, then I wouldn't have appreciated it.

Maybe I wouldn't have treated it well.” Like, you get people who win the lottery, and then few years down the line, they lose all the money. It's because they were not ready for the money, they didn't have the mentality of a millionaire to handle the million that they received. Same in the business, the reason why maybe I haven't made yet to where I want to be, is because I haven't grown enough yet to be what I want to be. So it's all about that, it's all about the meaning that you assign every single day to everything around you, to all the things that are happening around you. It's not what happens to you, but it's how you react to it, how you respond to it, and what meaning you assigning to it.

So if somebody is mean to you, if somebody talks to you in a bad way or honks you in a car, or swears that you, you could assign a meaning that, “Oh, my day is ruined, is horrible. Look how I'm humiliated.” You could look in that way. Or you could look like, “Oh, it looks like that person really had a bad day. It looks like they're going through something tough. It looks like it's just really difficult to episode in their life, maybe I can help them, maybe I can support them. Maybe I can show some love to this person and make their day.” Same situation, two ways of assigning meaning to it.

So make sure to consciously think about it, what sort of meaning am I assigning to these things, and most of the time it's easier to notice it in other people when you’re speaking to other people, but also yourself. Whenever you catch yourself being negative or being pessimistic or being sorry for yourself, start thinking what sort of meaning am I assigning to this? Am I signing the meaning of me being a victim? Am I assigning a meaning of world being a horrible place, am I assigning a meaning that hey, I can handle this. Hey, I can deal with that. Hey, I can turn it into a positive. It's entirely up to you.

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