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I want to talk about how to create a curiosity post for your social media. In this blog, I'm going to talk about how to create a curiosity pause. So what's the opposite of curiosity?

The opposite of curiosity is resistance. And what a lot of inexperienced people on social media do, they create resistance instead of creating curiosity. And most of the time they do that by over selling, or assuming that people will be interested in buying something they're not or rushing to close by dropping their links to their online shop or sticking product pictures and price on it.

A lot of these things will cause more resistance, then curiosity, because if you think about it, if you've already given all the information, where is the curiosity it, then there is no curiosity already, then I can just go and Google it or whatever. So curiosity is all about getting people curious and willing to reach out to you and find out what the heck is it where you don't give too much information out. So, when I teach people social media, I always talk about call to action, call to action. Like every video you do should have a call to action. Have you already heard a call to action from you on this video? You should.

What did I say? I said, “Hey, after this video, I'm going to go live on Instagram at home based business coach, if you want to learn about blah, blah, blah, jump on there.” What am I doing? I'm pulling people from Facebook on to Instagram. Clever me. Why am I telling you this? I don't know. Anyway, back to the point. So a call to action is where at the end of your post or at the end of your video you say, “Hey message me if you want to blah, blah, blah, hey, drop me a comment if you want a blah, blah, blah.” That's a call to action when you tell your viewer or the reader what to do. That's the call to action. That's what you don't want to do on a curiosity post because if you have a curiosity post, and then you drop a call to action, it kills the curiosity. So let me give you an example so it will make more sense in terms of how the curiosity posts would work.

A curiosity post, like the name says, it should make person curious to find out more. So if I put, “Hey, I have this product for this much money, buy now, buy one get one.” There's no curiosity there. I'm telling you what I'm doing. And not that you can never do that, but that's not a curiosity post, a curiosity post would sound something like this, “Oh my gosh, I'm so proud of my girlfriend Kelly who just lost five pounds within the last two weeks using our slimming program. Way to go girl. I'm super proud of you.” That's it. That's a curiosity post.

Now, I don't go, “And by the way, if you want to buy one, send me a message.” Because that just killed the curiosity, because now they know I'm trying to sell you on that. But if I just do the first bit, “Oh my gosh, I'm so proud of my pal Dundee who joined our business and within the first two weeks, made himself a $500. Oh my gosh, man, you rock, I'm so proud of you, man.” That's it. Not like, “Hey, drop me a comment if you also want to make money.” No. So you just do the first bit and now the reader goes, “Well, how the hell did you lose the weight? What did you do to make that money?” They don't know. And it doesn't say the company name. It doesn't say anything.

So they can go Google. What businesses does Gediminas do, what do they have to do? Now they have to reach out to me. And that's the purpose of the curiosity post. The purpose of curiosity post is not just style them on my product on my business, but to get them curious enough to reach out to me and now that they reach out to you, “Hey, I saw your post about the weight loss or saw your post about the money or saw your post about the skincare or whatever. What is it? What did she use? How did he do it? What did he do to get that money?” Boom, game on.

Now we're talking right because they are hooked up like a fish. So now the person is hooked, but you do the selling in the messenger, right? So the rest of your friends because if I do that post and I have five thousand friends, let's say, will everybody be hooked on weight loss? Or will everybody be hooked on extra income? Of course not. Maybe a percent of all of my friends 1% of 5000 is what? Now, if I say 50, is that correct? I'm not great at math, right? Well, let's say it's 50, it is probably less than 1% will be interested in that. So they messaged me, and I tell them, the food supplement that I sell, or the business that I do, and they might join or not join, whatever doesn't really matter.

But the other 4950 people who were not interested, I didn't push them. I didn't smack it in their face. I didn't rub their nose in it, right? Because I didn't go hey, join my business because this way, I would still get my 50 but the other 4500 will go ah, another one of those. Because I'm trying to sell people who are not interested in what I've got to sell, I'm trying to sell a shampoo to a bald guy, right? It's very difficult to do that, right? But if you’re blasting on your social media, then that's what you're really doing. You're not causing any curiosity; you're actually causing more resistance, because people then become resistant to what you're trying to do.

But if you’re using more curiosity posts, now it reveals the right people there and the others are left alone. They just go, “Oh, yeah, he's congratulated Kelly, or he's congratulated the guy, nothing wrong with that. He hasn't blasted his referral link. He has a blast.” So it's all a bit of psychology, but it definitely works. So sprinkle some of those curiosity posts on your social media and see the magic happen. And one of my favourite curiosity posts is a recognition post. Because when I recognize my team member, guess what is a curiosity post because if I go and go, “Oh my Gosh, I'm so proud of Sierra who just did 20,000 in volume, and it's so incredible. And I'm so proud of you, you're amazing.”

Now her team members are going, not her team members. Her Facebook friends are going what the hell is she doing? What I mean, she's crushing obviously in something, but what the heck is she doing? Let me message her right. And that's exactly what happens. Right? So I just love recognition posts because they allow you to do a natural curiosity goes oh my Gosh, I'm so proud of my girl Nicola, who just got herself a 400 pound bonus. What the hell did you do? How did you get that bonus? That'd be messaged her, boom. And that's what I want to achieve with the curiosity post.

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