Conversation comes before Commission 💣

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about conversations and their importance in your business. The title of this blog post is conversation comes before commission.

Now, especially with the growth of social media, where they're all online strategies and tools for building business, so many people misinterpret how social media works. They imagine that it's all about putting a post and somebody goes on buy something from you, you put a post and somebody goes and joins your business. And when they start posting on social media and don't get that effect, they say, “Social media is broken. Social media doesn't work. I put a post yesterday, I put a post today, I'll put a post tomorrow, but it doesn't work. Nobody's joining my business. Nobody's buying my product.”

Well, yeah. I totally agree with that and I understand why. Because you're not having conversations. The goal, or the purpose of social media is to allow you to have more conversations, which then may lead to a sale, which then may lead to a recruit. But it's not about putting a post in straightaway making a sale, or putting a post in straightaway making a recruit.

Now, would you never sell anything? No, of course, you would sell something. Once in a while somebody will stumble upon your post and go, “Oh, oh, she selling something. Let me buy it from her.” But most of the time, it doesn't work like that because if you're trying to sell straightaway on the post, you're skipping steps. Instead of having the conversation, you're straightaway trying to make a sale.

If you want to get better results, start having more conversations on social media. Sometimes people say, “Well, that leader is super successful making so much money. Let me go and see what they are posting on their Facebook. Or let me go and see what they're posting on Instagram.” And they go into their profile and they go, “Nothing special. They're not posting anything extraordinary. No mind controlling posts on their timeline.”

Of course, because they’re making that money in their messenger, they're making their money in private conversations, not just by putting up post and waiting for people to come. Will it never generate your customers? Of course not, it will generate customers. Will it never generate you business partners? Of course it will at some point. But if you make sure that you actually have conversations with people who like your posts, who comment on your posts, who share your posts, then you will double, triple, maybe quadruple your sales and your recruitment on social media because you'll start having more conversations and those conversations will eventually lead to a sale or to a recruit.

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