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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to recruit more people into your business and how to get more customers. The title of this blog post is contact all new people on Facebook and Instagram.

Very often I get people who say, “Well, how do I get more customers? How do I recruit more people into my business?” And then when I asked them, I said, “Well, what did you send to all of this new people who added you to friends?” And they said, “Well, I haven't said anything. I'm waiting for them to message me.” They're not even using this amazing resource that they’re having in front of them. What do I mean?

I recruit a lot of people just from starting conversations with people who add me as a friend, or I add them as a friend on Facebook, or with people who follow me on Instagram. Every new person who follows me on Instagram, or every new person who adds me on Facebook, I start a conversation. I go, “Hey, Christina, thanks for sending me a friend request. How's it going? How are you doing?” And I start a conversation. And some of the answers, some of them don't. But most people will say, “Yeah, I'm okay. Yeah, I'm cool.” I go, “Awesome. What is it that you do for a living?” And they'll tell me, “Oh, work is this or work is that.” And I say, “Well, how did you discover me? How did you find me?” “Oh, a friend recommended you to me, or I saw a video that you did in this thing, or I saw that."

I might even ask them, “Hey, do you do network marketing?” If they say yeah, I do network marketing, then I might recommend them a training program. Or I might recommend them my product. What if they say, “I don't do network marketing?” And then I say, “Cool. Are you open? Are you looking for an opportunity to earn extra income? Are you open to find out about ways to earn extra income?” And again, if they say yes, cool, I send them a presentation. If they say no, no problem, I offer the my products, whatever. It’s just conversations. It’s just having conversations with people.

If these people added you as a friend or started following you on Instagram, they already came to you. It’s a sin not to use it. We are looking for distributors, and these people that came to you, and you haven't even started conversation. A mistake to think that, oh, but I'm posting on my Facebook, I'm posting them on my Instagram. So they should see my posts and understand that I do business and call me.

Don’t give your prospects too much work. And don't expect too much from your prospects. Don't expect them to put two and two together and understand that, “Oh, she did a video and then there's a post with a product and she spoke about a business, oh, she must be doing this business opportunity where I can take this product, and I can sell it and I can make more money. Oh, I need to send her a message.” No, no, no, you're giving a bit too much credit to your prospects.

A lot of them are not going to do that much thinking because let's face it, thinking is not some people's strength. You need to make it as easy and simple as possible. If somebody added you as a friend, they already raised their hand and said, “Hey, I'm looking, hey, I'm adding you as a friend. Tell me something about yourself.” Now, Christina just put a good comment, but sometimes they're coming with the same idea to recruit me, of course, and that's okay too. That's why I always ask people, I say, “Hey, are you in network marketing?” And if a person says, “Yeah, I'm with this and this company.” I go, “Awesome. I hope you're going to do fantastically well. Would you be open to hear about my product? Or would you be open to hear about my training program?”

I'm not going to fight them. I'm not going to say, “Oh, your company is rubbish. My company is good, though. Quit yours. Join mine.” And I make it very clear to them also that I'm not open to join any other company. I'm happy with the company I'm working. I'm not looking to join them to the company. If you want to change products maybe or talk about training programs, totally cool, if you if you just want to recruit me, then hey, can’t be done. I'm happy where I am. It’s okay.

Some people will come to try to recruit you and that's totally cool as well, but very often, people will just say, “Hey, you just came up and suggested friends or whatever.” And that person might not even be in network, might not even know what is network marketing. Have a conversation with it. Make sure you take advantage of those new friend requests and same on Instagram. I always write to a person, “Hey, thanks for following me.

If you ever have questions about earning extra income, or need any help, I've been in 10 years in network marketing, if you have a have any questions about earning extra income, let me know.” And some people say, “Yeah, I am actually interested in extra income.” “Cool. Can I send you a video?” “Yeah, awesome.” Send them a video. Some of them interested, some of them join, some of them don't, it's totally awesome. But it's just what I'm saying is use this, if somebody added you as a friend already, they did half the work for you because normally, you have to add them as a friend, wait for them to accept, once they accepted, then you need to message them. They already did half the work for you, they already sent the friend requests to you.

Take advantage of that, message them start a conversation and see where it leads. It may not lead anyway, it may just lead into you having a conversation, that initial contact, and from that on, it's much bigger chance that they will see your post. Did you know that? If you actually had a conversation with a person in the messenger, Facebook will be more likely to show them your posts, Facebook will be more likely to show them your Facebook Lives, Facebook will be more likely to show them your stories just because you had a conversation.

Even if you had a conversation with them and they didn't show any interest in your product or your business, now Facebook will be showing more of your posts to them. So when they see that your team member just hit the rank, when they see that somebody in your team just made some money, when they see that your customer lost weight, when they see all of the stuff, they might warm up to it over the next couple of months. Either way, it benefits you to start these conversations on your social media.


That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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