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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about a lesson that I learned from a very, very successful businesswoman.

So one of the lessons that I recently learned from a very successful businesswoman, a businesswoman that runs or manages the Rock, the Rock, the guy who was in Jumanji and all of that and bunch of other very successful people. She's a very successful businesswoman. Very fit, very strong, and I was listening to her speech, and one of the things she said straight away made a groove in my brain. I thought success leaves clues, need to pick that up right away.

And the thing she shared was that, when she was asked, why are you so successful? Why you achieve so much and she's a very wealthy woman. She's very accomplished. She said, I am a collector of tools. She goes from the very early age. When I was in college and university, I started collecting tools that would help me later in my career and because she's like in entertainment industry and fitness and managing people, she assembled an arsenal of tools that helps her to do her job extremely well. And that's why she gets hired by celebrities, by very wealthy people to manage them and all of that.

Now, I thought, this really applies very well to network marketing because network marketing as well requires a certain set of tools in order for you to perform very well in this business, like sales skills, like recruitment skills, like management skills, like personal growth and personal development, like communication. You know what I mean? So there are certain skills, certain tools, if you develop them, they can really help you like social media.

Social media is a tool. So if you master social media, if you master Facebook, if you master Instagram, if you master LinkedIn, then guess what? It's going to become a very valuable tool for you to generate sales, to generate recruits, to generate influence and so on. And there's a number of them that you can develop. So my tip for you and something that I've been doing unknowingly up until now, but now I'm going to be doing it very on purpose is to start assembling tools, a set of tools that will help you to perform in your business very well.

Now also what she said that I thought it was absolutely genius. And it's so simple. And most of the time, the simple things are the most genius is that she said, “Don't be scared, not to know everything. Don't be scared, not being the best at something.” So like, I understand and I admit that, hey, I'm not the best at everything. Like I cannot be the best salesperson and the best recruiter and the best trainer and the best speaker and the best social media guy and the best tech guy and the best guy on the websites and the best guy for copywriting, like can be the best at everything.

But you know what's the next best thing to being the best at it is to know people who are the best at those things. I remember listening to this interview by Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Companies. And he said, “Look, I'm not that smart, it's just I hire all the smartest people in the world. I surround myself with people who are smarter than me who are better at doing the jobs that I can't do and this way my companies become very successful.” Doesn't that really apply to your business too? Absolutely.

I can't be the best at everything. But if I can't be the best at something, I can outsource it, I can hire somebody else to do that job for me. So if I'm not best at something, or I don't really like doing something, I can hire somebody else to do that bit. And then there's something else, I can hire somebody else to do that bit and that bit and before you know it, again, you're assembling tools, but the people are the tools.

Because somebody might be a tool to create a website, somebody might be a tool to help to run SEO, somebody might be a tool to help convert your videos into text, and write those into blogs, somebody might be a tool at editing your video and adding subtitles that you might not know how to do, and so on. So you can't be an expert in everything because if you try to be an expert in everything, most likely, you won't be an expert in anything. You know what I mean? You'll just be an amateur at all of these things. But if you can get some other people to do certain things, then you can focus on the things that are the most important to you.

The people can become assets for you, the people can become the tools for you to achieve the things that you want to achieve. Does that make sense? I hope it makes sense because for me, it was a big paradigm shift. It was a big shift in my mindset, because for a very long time, I used to be the saying, if it's to be, it's up to me, if you want it to be done right, you have to do it yourself. That's like an idiot's thinking because then you will have to do everything by yourself for the rest of your life. Do you want to do everything by yourself? I don't want to do everything by myself.

So I learned to let go and let other people to take over instead of me trying to be the best at everything. Like, “Ah, get away. I'll do this better. Oh, get away, move away. I'll do this better.” But then you'll be doing everything then, that doesn't make sense. You want the freedom, you want the leverage, you want the business then you have to let other people to take control and do certain things.

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