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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about a different kind of gratitude journal. I've heard of gratitude journal before, where you have a journal, and every day, at the end of the day, you list three or five or 10 things that you're grateful for that day, which in itself is an incredible strategy and a very powerful strategy because when you're constantly thinking what you're grateful for what you're grateful about, then guess what you're doing, you're attracting more things to be grateful for.

In itself, is incredible strategy and a great thing to do. However, this leader takes it to the next level. Because what she does, she writes a gratitude journal about the things that have not happened yet. Every day, she writes her gratitude journal about the things that she wants to happen. But she writes it as if it's already happened. So I'm so grateful. I'm earning this much money every month. I'm so grateful that I'm driving this kind of car. I'm so grateful that I'm living in this kind of house, even if it hasn't happened yet. Do you understand how that powerful is?

You're basically programming your future, you're basically programming your mind to accept the new reality. That is another level. If you've never done a gratitude journal, I highly, highly recommend you start doing that because when you focus on what you have, and you're grateful for it, then you attract more things to be grateful for. When you focus on things that are missing in your life, then usually you attract more things that will be missing in your life.

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