Your PAIN pushes you until your VISION pulls you

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about pain and vision, what's the difference and how does it affect you and your goals? The title of this blog post is that your pain pushes you until your vision pulls you. What does that mean?

Like they say most people get into a business, especially into like a home based business, either out of desperation, or out of inspiration. Some people are just in a situation in life, where they run out of options and they just say, “Hey, I've got nothing to lose anymore. I might as well try this thing.” And that’s when we start out of desperation.

The other side is when people start out or inspiration like when they get inspired by seeing some of the success story and I say, “I want to do that too.” At the beginning, most of us are driven by pain, maybe you don't have enough money, maybe you don't get to spend enough time with your children, maybe you don't have the quality of lifestyle you would like to have, maybe you would like to provide more to your family, to your children, etcetera. So whatever pain you have, that's what pushes you to build the business, to do the action, and to do the work.

But once you start doing that, and once you start getting some results, your income will start going up and slowly but surely, you get into a point where you will be pretty comfortable, you'll get to a point where you'll be okay. Like you're no longer struggling for money, because you've got a good stream of income coming in. What happens then? Because the only option you have is your pain has to push you. Once there's no pain, you lose your motivation. What do you do, then if there's no pain?

Okay, now you've got a couple of thousand landing into your bank account every single month, you’re not struggling; you don't have to work too hard. It's not too bad. That's when your vision should kick in and start pulling you. That's where you start deciding what type of person you want to become, what sort of courses you want to contribute to, how many lives do you want to impact and change.

That's when your vision has to kick in. If we think about it, then the two biggest reasons why people don't succeed in business is one; lack of vision and this one, I think, is pretty big, and one of the biggest one, because a lot of people just have no vision, they have no ambitions, to achieve something, to change lives, to impact other people's lives, to leave something behind them, to leave a legacy and not just financial, but a legacy of ideas, of achievements, and of life's changes.

I remember when I first started listening to Jim Rohn, one of the first tips he gave me, he said, get your name into someone's testimonial, what does that even mean? It means get your name in to help somebody, so that one day that person will say, because of that person, my life changed. Because of that person my life got impacted, and I changed the course and looked at where I am today. How powerful that is to have your name in somebody else's testimonial where they say, “Wow, because of that person, my life has changed.” That can be part of your vision. One of the reasons why people fail in business is they have no vision, they have no mission, and they have no ambition.

The second reason is self-sabotage. So again, you might have certain beliefs or certain ideas in your head that are preventing you from becoming successful. One of the very common ones is that money is bad, rich people are all evil, that money is the root of all evil, and all of that crap, and that if you make money, you become a bad person, if you make money, you become evil. And if you have that type of belief, you'll be self-sabotaging yourself all day long.

As soon as you get close to becoming successful, you'll do something stupid, and then you go back to where you're broke, to where you're unsuccessful. Sometimes we have these limiting beliefs; these stories in our head that are causing us to self-sabotage ourselves, and maybe, you got cheated by a successful person or a rich person and now you made that belief that, “Oh, if I become successful, then I will have to cheat other people.” But that's not true. There are loads of rich people who treat people nicely and don't steal money from people.

Sometimes you have to work on your own mind set, actually, not sometimes, all the time, not even most of the time; all the time, this is where the success happens. But you have to work on your mind set, you have to work on your beliefs, you have to change the machinery in here, in order for things to start happening in your life. Like my wife, Rita always says, your external life, they’re the results, the things you see around is a reflection of your inner world. So your outer world is the reflection of your inner world.

What is happening in you mind, that's what you see outside; if your results in the outside world don't satisfy you, if you’re not happy with what you see around you, start changing in your mind, because this is just an effect. This is the cause and effect. So if you don't like what you see outside, change what you have inside, when you start changing inside, the rest will start changing.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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