Your job is NOT to close people!

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I want to make your life easier and reduce the amount of stress in your life. So keep watching this because this might actually help you to have a slight breakthrough in your mindset, a bit of a paradigm shift. I want to talk a little bit about psychology and hopefully make your life slightly easier and reduce the amount of stress that you experience in your network marketing business and make you a happier person, because at the end of the day, we come to build their own business to be happier.

So if you come to build your own business and you feel miserable all the time, then what's the point? So then stay in your job because you weren’t miserable there. So what I wanted to share with you today is something that again, I've learned from our call with Ray Higdon that we had for a team. And one thing he mentioned, really stuck in my mind, really caught my attention and he said, “Your job is not to close people, your job is to check if they are open. Your job is not to close people, your job is to check if they are open.”

Do you get this? A lot of network marketers don't understand this bit and it's causing them a lot of stress, a lot of frustration, a lot of anxiety. Why? Because they acting like a hunter. So they’re getting out there like on Facebook, on Instagram, in the real world out there, they’re prospecting people and they are prospecting with the mindset, I have to get this one, I have to close them, I have to get them to join my business, I have to get them to buy my product.

Now, let me ask you a question. Can you control other people? Can you control if somebody is going to buy or not? Can you control if somebody is going to join your business or not? Can you really control that? Not really, the person has to make a decision. So the other person controls whether they’re join or not, whether they’re buy or not, but if you focus on that I have to close them, I have to make sure that they buy, I have to make sure that they join my business, then guess what's going to happen.

Every time a person doesn't join or every time a person doesn't buy, you'll get frustrated. You will get angry. You will get upset. You will get sad. You will get disappointed. “Oh, another one didn't join. Oh, another one didn't buy.” So this way, building your network marketing business will become extremely frustrating for you, it'll become extremely stressful for you because every time somebody does join, you feel like you failed. You feel like you didn't do your job, but the reality is, it isn't like that, but you just thinking in the wrong way.

You see, if you shift your focus from I have to close everybody, I have to recruit everybody, I have to sell to everybody, if you shift your focus to, I need to check if they are open, I need to check if they are open, that's all I have to do, so then you're approaching the person with a different mindset. One, you will not come across as desperate as if you're trying to close everybody because if you're trying to recruit everybody, if you're trying to sell everybody, you will come across a little bit desperate.

You will come across a little bit begging, you will come across a little bit pushy, most likely, because they will feel that oh my gosh, this person is really intense, they're trying to sell me, they’re trying to recruit me. But if you come across with the mindset of, I'm just checking if they open, I have nothing to lose, because I haven't recruited them yet. So how can I lose them? There’s nothing to be lost there. I'm just checking if that person is open, then one, you're not desperate. You have a posture now, where you're go, “Hey, would you be open to take a look at this thing? And if no, totally cool.”

You're not coming across like, “Oh please, please, please join my business. Please, please.” You don't come across like that, because people run away from people like that. But if you come across as cool as you’re not bothered, whether they join or not, you're not desperate for them to join your business, you're okay to let them go, you're okay to lose them, then they will get attracted to that because they go, Oh my gosh, this guy is not even trying to recruit me. This girl, she's not trying to convince me, she’s just giving me options and that's it.” That's why it changes.

So the person will be more attracted to you when you come across in that manner, but more importantly than that, you will experience a lot less stress, a lot less anxiety, a lot less disappointment, because if I'm coming to check if you're open, and you go, “Nah, I'm not interested.” “Cool. This one's not open. Let's go to the next one. Hey, would you be open?” “No.” “Cool, okay.” Because my job is not to close you, my job is not to recruit you, my job is to check if you're open. If you see yes, also, I give you some information. If you say no, “I go, no problem. How's the kids?” Change the topic? Go to the next person.

This way, I'm not in constant stress. This way, I'm not constantly disappointed. I'm cool as a cucumber because I either recruit you or not, but I'm doing my job of checking if you open, do you get this? If you understand this, it will shift how you prospect people on social media, it will shift how you prospect people face to face, because you will not be so needy. You will not be so desperate, you'll be relaxed, you'll be doing your job. And hey, it's all game of numbers. If you ask enough people, guess what's going to happen? Somebody will say, yes. Somebody will say, “Yeah, I'm open. Yeah, what is it?” Then you send them the video. You send them the tool, they watch that, they can make a decision. Not everybody who will watch your presentation will join. That's okay, too.

So guess after the presentation? What's your job? To close them? No. Again, after the presentation, your job is to check if they are open to move on to move forward. Or maybe they're not open. Maybe they watch the information and say, “Hey, this is not for me.” “Cool.” That’s all. You're always just checking where do they want to go? And you leading them down that way instead of trying to push them, persuade them, beg them or whatever.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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