Your Business and Bamboo Tree

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about what does your business have to do with the Chinese bamboo tree?

The Chinese bamboo tree, now I expect that most of you probably heard the story, but I will repeat it one more time. So let's say you wanted to grow the Chinese bamboo tree. So you plant the seed and in the first year, you're watering it, every week you're watering, watering, putting fertilizer, nurturing the seed et cetera and nothing happens. You don't see any growth whatsoever. Year two you’re watering every week, you’re fertilizing, you’re putting everything for it to grow, nothing happens. Two years, you’re putting work for two years, nothing happens. Year three, guess what happens? Nothing. You're still watching it all the time, you can stop watering. If you stop watering or if you start digging around, bring the seed up. It's game over. So you have to keep watering. So you’re watering for the third year, you're watering, fertilizing, nothing happens. Year four, for three years now you've been watering that seed nothing happened. Year four again, you're watering every week, you’re putting fertilizers still nothing happens.

After four years of watering and fertilizing, still, nothing has happened. So you've been putting the work every single week, looking after the seed that you planted four years ago and you see no result. You see zero result. Nothing even sticking out, nothing. How depressing is that? Would you quit? Most people would have quit a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, but guess what happens in year five. In year five, that bamboo tree shoots, it shoots up 80 feet in six weeks? 80 feet in six weeks? It just goes, “Whoosh.”Now, the most important question for you, did that bamboo tree grow 80 feet in six weeks, or in five years? Which one is it?

And of course, it's five years. Because the first four years, that tree was making a root system, it was growing underground, it was spreading the roots as much as it can to prepare for this incredible growth because unless it has such a strong root system that can suck in so much water, that can suck and so much nutrients from the ground and that can hold the growth of a tree like that, it could have never grown. If it didn't have those roots, and it grew 80 feet in six weeks, it will just go on that side and will collapse. Wind would blow and it would collapse but for four years, that tree was building the root system strong enough to sustain that incredible growth over those six weeks time. And guess what? It applies to your business.

Some of you, you have been watering your business, you've been talking to people, talking to your team members, sending messages, making phone calls, going to training, going to presentations, running meetings of your own and you're not seeing anything coming out of the ground. You're putting all of this work and you're not seeing any results.

You're not seeing even a little thing coming out of the ground, no, there's nothing there. And you're depressed, and you're sad, and you upset, and you want to quit every single day, and you’re now thinking am I wasting my time, and you’re thinking all of these things, and it's natural, it's natural to think that because you've been watering, you've been nurturing, you've been putting fertilizer on your business, and there is nothing there and you can't see any result, but if you quit now, if you stop watering that seed now, guess what? It's game over, that's it, it can never grow, it will never appear up from the ground. So you have to keep doing it, you have to keep watering that business, you have to keep nurturing that business, you have to keep fertilizing that business, even when you're not seeing results. Even when it looks like you're wasting your time. Even when it looks like it's never going to come out of that ground because if you keep doing it, what are you doing now, you building the root system, by every book that you read, by every training that you go through, by every video that you watch, you’re building the root system inside your head, so that when your business start shooting up, when your business starts growing, you have the root system in your head to keep this business, to maintain it, to stabilize it, to keep at it.

When people win the lottery, they win millions in the lottery and few years later, they're bankrupt again, they're poor again, why? Because they didn't have the root system in their head, they haven't developed themselves enough, they haven't grown themselves enough to handle that money. So when that money comes into the bank account, what do they do, they just waste it, they start buying sports cars, doing stupid things. And before you know it, the money's gone.

And they’re back to being poor, because they didn't have the root system, because they were not the person that was supposed to have that type of money. So what you’re doing right now, if your business has not yet came out of the ground, what you're doing is building the root system, you’re becoming the leader that you have to be to handle a team of thousands, you’re becoming a person that can handle the money when it starts rolling in, when you start making 5000 a month, 10,000 a month, 50,000 a month. You’re building that root system, you’re building the foundation for a stable business, you're building a foundation to be the right person to do this business.

Like Jim Ron used to say, he used to say, “Make a goal to become a millionaire not for the money, you can give the money away, but for what it makes of you to become one. Make a goal to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for what it makes of you to become one.” Because in order for you to become a millionaire, you will have to grow yourself, you'll have to change yourself, you’ll have to become more committed, more serious, better leader, better speaker, more confident and so on and so on and so on. That's what it takes. So that's my lesson for today. Build your business like that bamboo, don't lose faith, don't quit too early and you will see that massive growth one day. That’s my message for you today.

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