You TEACH people how to treat you

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today’s topic is you teach people how to treat you. I know it's hard to take it you know if people are not treating you right, if they being bad to you or mean to you, etc. It's hard to accept that you actually teach them but you do because the first time somebody mistreat you, somebody shout at us, somebody uses guilt on you, somebody does something to you, not the way you like, and you don't do anything about it and you don't say anything about it, this way you tell them it's okay to carry on treating me like that. And vice versa if somebody is treating you nicely, if somebody does nice things to you, spoils you etc., and you don't recognise that, you don't tell them, “Hey, I like that, I appreciate that.” Then they might not treat you like that again.

So you teach people how to treat you, you need to make sure that you always stand up to people when they don't treat you nicely and if people do treat you nicely make sure you make a big deal about it and you tell them that, “Hey, I appreciate you treating me nicely.” Because then they'll carry on doing that too.

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