You Don’t OWN Your Social Media

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the fact that you don't own your social media.

Social media is incredible tool for you to build your business, there's no question about it. Like, should you use Facebook, should use Instagram? Should you use YouTube? Should you use all these social media platforms to build your business? 100% it's like, some people ask, “Well, do I have to use social media to grow my home based business? Do I have to do the Facebook Lives?” “Well, you don't have to.” If we're at war, and I'm a general and you're a soldier, and you come to me and you go, “Well, do I have to take a machine gun to the battlefield?” “Well, you don't have to, you can go and just make scary faces at people, shout loudly at them. See how that works out for you.” Machine Gun is pretty effective.

So same with social media, do you have to use it? Of course not, people have built huge businesses before social media even existed which proves the point that you can build a huge business without social media, but it's pretty damn effective. It's pretty damn useful. In order to help you to grow your business faster.

However, there is one thing that you should never forget, and that thing is that your social media does not belong to you. You don't own your Facebook account, you don't own your Instagram account. You don't own your YouTube account. The amount of times that I have seen people's Facebook profiles being shut down, people's groups being shut down, people's pages being shut down, people's YouTube channels being shut down and so on, it's a common place, it happens a lot.

And there's different reasons why that can happen, so you can lose your Facebook account or your YouTube channel if you do inappropriate stuff, if you share inappropriate things, if you misusing the platform, if you sharing things of graphic nature or certain political views or religious views and things like that, you know what I mean? You can get reported for that, you can get blocked for that, but sometimes you get you get haters, you get people who even though you're doing everything right, your profile is clean and nice, but there can be people who will report you, and the social media platforms, that's just my opinion, but I think because there's so much bad stuff going on, they don't want to take the risk. So they shut your account even if there wasn't anything negative, just to make sure that they haven't left your account running, if there is something bad.

Sometimes, some bad people will go ahead and report people's YouTube channels, or report people's Facebook accounts and then it gets shut down and you can appeal that, you can email them, you can get in touch with them, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes it's gone for good.

One of the things that you-- tip that I can give you is if you have a Facebook page, for example, you created your Facebook page with your Facebook profile, so you are the only admin or the moderator of that page, what I would suggest to you is add other people on your Facebook page as admins, people who you truly trust, so maybe your husband, or your wife, or your mom or your brother doesn't matter, they might not even going to manage your page or anything to do with it, but if one day your Facebook profile get shut down and you are the only admin of your Facebook page, then guess what, you will not have access to that Facebook page either. So if you add other people as admins, as moderators on your Facebook page, so if your profile gets shut down, you still can access your Facebook page through somebody else's account, you know what I mean? So that's one tip.

Another tip is you need to find a way how to communicate with your tribe, away from social media as well. So one of the things that when you watch my videos, at the end of the video, where do I say? I say, “Hey, guys, if you like my free training on 26 ways how to find customers, or make more sales, head over to” Why do I do that? Why do I give you this free training?

The reason why is those of you who got this training, you know that when you go to that link, you click the button to get my free training and guess what it does? It asks for your name and email. Why? Because now I can be in touch with you away from social media, right? So if my Facebook account gets shut down, if my YouTube channel gets shut down, if I have your email, I can still email you and say, “Hey, man my Facebook account got shut down. But here you go, I've got a new one open or my YouTube channel got shut down, here you go, I've got a new one. You know, you can find it here."

So I can still be in touch with my fans. But if you’re not taking emails of your followers, if you're not taking phone numbers from your followers, then you are reliant on that one Facebook group, on that one Instagram account, on that one YouTube channel. And hey, I hope that your YouTube channel is going to carry on for many, many years and forever and ever and ever, and it will never get shut down. And maybe that's going to be the case.

However, it's better to be safe than sorry. So you want to think of ways how to drive people, as well as you driving them to your social media, how to drive them away from social media, like your website, for example. So if you have a website, maybe there's a blog there, maybe you’re putting some content up there, maybe there's videos, maybe there's free stuff, or whatever it is. Now you can drive people there. So if your Facebook account disappears overnight, some of those people at least can still go, but I know the website where everything is.

Look, these things happen and what you have to understand is you don't own your social media account. Facebook allows you to operate your social media account for free, but Facebook owns it. You don't own your profile, you don't own your pages, you don't own your YouTube channel, and you don't own your Instagram account. They do. So even though it's awesome, too, I'm not saying, “Hey, get off the social media and don't use it.” No, I’m currently using it and you can build a huge business for that but just have a plan B. And maybe also drive people to different platforms.

If you're on Facebook, maybe start building your Instagram followers as well and maybe like drive people from your Facebook to your Instagram. If you're an Instagram maybe you want to drive people to your snap chat, if you’re on Snap Chat, maybe you want to drive people to your YouTube channel and so on. So that you have your fans in a multiple places. So if one of those accounts gets shut down, they still can see you somewhere else. You know what I mean? So you're not just putting all of your eggs in one basket because I would hate you to lose everything that you worked so hard to build up.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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