You DON’T get what you ask for!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to get what you want and why you don't get what you ask for. So this blog, I called it you don't get what you asked for.

And today, the Bible reading in church was about this man by the name of Naman, who was a leper and he had this disease and he wanted it to cured and he heard there’s this prophet Elisha, and he knew that that prophet could cure him. So he loaded up his carts with gold and he went to ask Elisha to treat his leprosy, to treat his illness, and he imagined that when he gets to Israel to Elisha that Elisha will throw his hands up and go, talk something, some magic and he will be cured, but before he arrived to Israel, he gets like somebody who works for Elisha comes to him sent by Elisha and the person says, “Elisha says that you have to go into the river Jordan and wash yourself seven times.” And Naman goes, “Oh, what do you mean? That's not what I expected. I'm bringing all of this gold, I expected to pay him the money and for him to do the talking and to cure my disease. Why am I supposed to go to this river.” And again the person that Elisha sent says, “Hey listen, just listen to the instruction. Just go and wash yourself seven times in the river Jordan.”

Of course Naman went to the River Jordan, he washed himself seven times, and he was cured. Now, what's the lesson here? The lesson here is that when you're praying to God or you’re asking universe or higher power or whatever you believe, when you’re asking for something, you won't get what you asked for. Instead, you’re going to get the opportunity to get what you asked for, you're going to get the instruction to get what you asked for. You understand, I'm saying, so if you pray to God or you ask the universe for money, money is not going to magically appear into your bank account.

Instead, the universe or God, or whatever you believe, is going to give you an opportunity, it's going to give you instruction on how to get more money, you want a better relationship, you're going to get an opportunity or instruction on how to get into a better relationship. But most of the time, it will be work, it will be some sort of things that you will have to do in order to get and most people don't like that. Most people don't want to do to get, they just want to get. They just want it to be given to them. So when they’re asking, they expected oh, it will be sent to me, right? But that's not how it works.

Now how does that relate to your business then? Well in your business in a similar way, when you're building your business and you have your mentors, or you have your sponsor, you have your leaders, again, very often they will give you instructions on how to get what you want in business. But what you have to do is listen to the instructions. Because very often, we are praying to God and we get the instruction and we don't listen to it. We go, “Oh, no that's not what, that's not how I wanted it to happen. That's not what I expected. So let me keep asking.”

So same in the business very often there are people you know, the need help, they get the help, they get the instruction, but they go, I don't like that. I want different help. I want different instructions. So the key here for you to get to what you want to get to, for you to get to watch you’re wanting to get is to be able to listen to instructions and do what you are being told, right by Universe, by God, or sometimes by even your leaders in the business, right? Because they will tell you the things you need to do. But you just have to embrace that advice and listen to that advice and do what you're told even if you don't like how it is even if you expect it to be a different way right? Just trust the process, right and act on it right? And this way, you will definitely get what you want and you will start making progress.

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