You can’t sell your job!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

Let’s say you get loads of promotions and you reach a certain level. It's awesome for that time. But the challenge with that is that you can't sell your job. Let's say, you reach a certain position, you can go, “Hey, can I sell this job to somebody else, and I retire, and I get the money for it?” It doesn't work that way. You can only get paid whilst you have a job.

Also, something happens to you, and you pass away. Again, the income stops. So you only get the income while you're working. But you see, the advantage of building your own business is that one day, you can choose to actually sell the business to somebody, take the money and do whatever you want. So you can go a different direction. And that's, again, a big, big, big advantage of building your network marketing business, your home based business, because it allows you an exit strategy, even with your network marketing position, you can sell it or you can will it.

So, if you pass away, right, which is a great incentive, because you know that like hopefully you enjoy what you do and you carry on building your business, but if you decide at one point you can sell your business, but with a job you can't. So that's a little concept that I wanted to share with you guys.

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