You CAN’T go to the TOP without encountering these TWO types of people

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, February 22, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about two types of people that you will encounter on your way to success. The two types of people that you will encounter on your way to success and I can almost guarantee that there is no way for you to reach the top, to reach your goals, to reach the results and not encounter these two types of people. So it's important to accept that it's going to happen. So what are these two types of people?

Well, the first group of people that you will encounter on your way to success are haters. And haters are basically the people who’re going to hate, the proof is on the packaging, so they will hate on you. There will be people talking behind your back, there will be people putting negative comments on your posts, there will be people making up stories about you that are not even true, saying things about you that you will find baffling but these things will happen.

If you want to go all the way to the top, if you want to achieve big level of success and impact a lot of people, then you have to accept that at some point, you will have some haters. And if you don't have any haters right now, you are not doing it big enough, you need to go bigger. That means you need to go bigger because if you're not getting any haters, that means you're just in your tribe, you’re surrounded with all the people who cheering you and going, “Hey, well done.” It means you're not going big enough, you have to go bigger. You have to get in front of more people because once you get in front of enough people, you will start getting haters. You’ll get, “Ah, who does she thinks she is?” Whatever, it just happens. It's part of the journey.

Look at any successful person. Look at any successful politician, any successful business person, any successful artist, any successful religious leader, all of them will have haters. All of them will have people putting negative stuff about them on internet and things like that, it happens. Again, it has nothing to do with you because other people's opinion about you is none of your business. It's none of your business because you don't control other people's opinion about you and whatever they think about you is none of your business.

So, don't worry about it, but just be prepared that sometimes it will happen and don't let it knock you out. Don't let it put you on brakes, don't let it stop you from going on your journey just because somebody is bad mouthing about you or whatever. So that's one that's one group of people that you will encounter.

The second group of people that you will encounter are lovers, basically not like lovers like in romantic lovers, but people who are going to love you. They will adore you. They will be your biggest fans. So these people will say, “Wow man I admire you.” You could call them admirers. These are the people who are very positive. However, you may think well the first group is negative, haters these are to watch out for and the admirers, this is the good, this is the good side. This is the good.

Both of these groups of people are dangerous for you. Why? One group haters, pretty self explanatory when somebody hates on you, when somebody says bad things about you, it's easy to get knocked out. It's easy to get frustrated, it's easy to get disappointed. It's easy to just go, “You know what, maybe I'll just play a little bit smaller. So I don't get this criticism. Maybe I should just keep it to myself so that I don't get any night.” And that can really stop you on your way to success. So it's dangerous.

But the other group of people, the admirers, they’re also dangerous, and they’re dangerous in the way that it can really go to your head. Once you start people going, “Oh my gosh, you're so amazing, etcetera.” You can get a little bit full of yourself, you can get carried away when you stop working because now you're thinking I'm a big shot, I'm changing lives, I don't need to work, I'm a celebrity now.

So it's easy for that to go to your head as well because once you start getting some level of success, guess what's going to happen? You're going to get bombarded by people asking questions, asking for advice. And a lot of those people, unfortunately, they’re just time wasters, but they will suck the life out of you. They'll suck the energy out of you if you let it happen because you can get so big headed and I'll go, “Oh look, all of these people call me.” So now you're no longer building your business, now you're no longer inviting new customers, now you're no longer inviting new team members because you’re being a celebrity, you’re going there signing your autographs, touching babies heads, doing all of that, you know what I mean?

It's so easy to get faked out and get into the celebrity mode, instead of staying in the trenches, instead of staying in the production mode. So both of those can negatively affect you, unless you protect yourself, unless you protect your mindset. If you protect your mindset, these things will happen anyway, those people will come to you and either adore you or they will hate on you, but you'll just go, “Hey, that's just part of the journey. I'm on a mission. I'm going where I want to go, I'm doing what I need to do. My goal is growth and contribution.

My goal is to make this impact on the world and on people and I'll carry on doing what I'm doing. I'll take the compliments, I'll look into the criticisms, just to make sure that it's not true actually. But I carry on, I don't let just sidetrack me, I don't let it just stop me.” If you have that attitude, you'll be totally fine and you will go all the way to the top and that's my wish for you is to go all the way to the top, achieve all of your lives dreams, achieve your major purpose in life, achieve your ambitions, change lives, impact on thousands of people's lives so that you don't leave a legacy, but you live a legacy.

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