You are the SHOWROOM of your business!

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I want to talk about you being the showroom of your business. What do I mean by that?

What I mean by that is that normally if you work for a company then the company sort of represents themselves let's say you work for Amazon or you just do your job at Amazon does all the advertising and publicity etc. Let's say you work for Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz does all the advertising and everything and you just work for the company. But when it comes to building a home based business, when it comes to you growing your network marketing business, then guess what?

You are the showroom of your business, the impression that you will give to people is the impression that they will have of your business, simple as that because network marketing companies don't advertise. They don't put ads in newspapers, television, radio. You are the advertisement for your network marketing company.

If you know that, then you need to start thinking how do I make sure that I represent the company in the right way? So you need to think how can I represent my company in a professional. No, I'm not saying hey, you need to start advertising and putting ads etcetera. No, no. All I'm talking about is you doing a great job and leaving good impression to people, whether it's customers or potential business you’re leaving a great impression.

How to do that? A lot more simpler than you might think. One, use your products yourself, because there's nothing worse than somebody selling products that they don't use themselves. Because then you're a proper salesperson. Because you see, if you selling something that you never used before, then you're selling it. But if you're selling something that you use yourself, then you're recommending it. It's a very different atmosphere.

It's a very different feeling when you buy something from somebody who have used that product before, and when they have it. It's like how would you recommend somebody to go to a restaurant if you've never eaten there? It'd be strange, wouldn't it? But how can you recommend products of company that you haven't tried before.

One big massive tip for you to become a better representative for your business is for you to use the products is for you to experience the room and use them publicly. You know, and it's never been easier before. Like right now with the social media, with Facebook, it’s so easy for you to use your products publicly. You know, you grab that drink, and you drink it in front of the camera, you grab that mascara, and you do your eyelashes in front of the camera, and so on and so on and so on. You know, it's never been easier for you to show people that you're using your own products.

Secondly, is your appearance. Now I'm not saying hey, you have to go and spend you know, 5000 pounds on a Armani suit to be you whatever. I really hate all of that fake it until you make it philosophy. But you have to be professional. You have to be professional at the way you speak to people, you have to be professional in the way you appear to people. So if you’re you meeting people or if you’re communicating with people on social media, you have to be representable. So, one appearance, you know, you should be, you know, nice and tidy.

And your language has to be nice and tidy too. Things like swear words, things like posting on social media, controversial content, things to do with religion, things to do with politics, things to do with sensitive topics, can really impact on your reputation can really impact on how likable you are on social media. So these are very simple steps, you know, by not offending anybody, by just being polite, it can go far, far, far away, you know, it can help you a lot. And things like tools preparing in advance. If you're going to show the business to somebody, having your samples with you, having some whatever materials you have with you, etcetera. Again, preparing in advance, being punctual, you know, being on time to the meetings, and things like that. Swearing in your head, you might get away with that.

But still, I would advise you when you go to meet anybody in your head, just say I love you. You know, even if you don't really like that person, even if you don't fancy them very much. Just saying your head. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you, I love you. And then go and meet with that person. You'll see how that person will respond to you much more positively. Because that feeling will transfer into your body. It will make a smile on your face. They'll make a twinkle in your eyes. It'll just be a different sensation and there will be a different communication with somebody. Right? But that's the topic I hope you’re getting what I'm trying to say here guys, so you are the showroom of your business.

So make sure that you represent your business think how can I represent my products better? How can I represent my company? If you're working with cosmetics and makeup and you're a woman you should be using them? You know, I know some women say, you know, I'm not that much into makeup than other women. But if you’re selling this stuff, then surely you should use it, you know, at least some of it you know, so that people actually see it on you. That’s my message for today guys be the face of your business. Be the face of your company. You know, don't worry what other people do. Don't worry what the company does, but you be the face of the company, you be the showroom of the business and you'll see how amazing you will do.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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