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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, January 9, 2020 Under: Personal Development

The topic I want to talk about is, you are the lifestyle designer in your business. So what does that mean? Well, what it means is that you are in control of who you’re working with, of who you're recruiting and who you're going to have in your team.

So a lot of people, they feel forced, or they feel a bit desperate to recruit every single person that they come across, like, “I have to have everybody in my business, every single person has to join my team, et cetera.” But that's not the true, that's not the case, actually, you get to choose who you go to work with. So you get to design your lifestyle, you get to design your business the way you want it to be. So you don't have to recruit every single person that you come across. You don't have to work with every single person who needs to make more money, you actually get to choose who you're going to work with, who you're going to have in your business.

So act like a CEO of your own organization, of your own business. So you get to choose who you're going to be working with, you get to choose who you will invest your time in because if you lose your money, you can make the money again, but if you lose your time by investing it in the wrong person, you lost the time forever. So if you spend three months working with somebody, investing your time in that person, and they turn out to be not the right person, they turn out to be time waster, then guess what? You've lost those three months; you're never getting them back.

So that's my tip for today, you know, become a lifestyle designer. Stop being desperate to get every single person in your business. Stop being desperate, trying to recruit every single person and convince every single person to do your business. Instead, choose people wisely, spend some time and choose the people who you really want to work with, who really have good values, who really going to be faithful and royal to you in business and you will find that it will be a lot more pleasurable to do business with those people and invest your time in those people.

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