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I want to talk about being persistent and becoming a leader and achieving big things in life.

As I'm isolated, as we’re self isolating, as we quarantine and all of that, I'm trying to use my time productively. I'm actually watching a recording of the event called 10 x growth corn. It's an event run by a guy called Grant Cardone, and he had loads of amazing speakers there. And one of the speakers he had, one of the keynote speakers he had there was Kevin Hart, the comedian, but also incredible businessman and very wealthy man as well and super smart. And as I was listening to his speech, he mentioned this one thing that I thought wow, this is genius, and I have to share this with you. He got asked, how would you explain patience? Being patient in business because like, sometimes it looks like people who achieve big things in life, like, especially in business, who achieve big things in business, they're not patient.

They’re going after it, they’re conquering the wall, they’re achieving everything, but that's not the type of patients that you need to think about. He goes, “Look, imagine there's a baseball field in where you live in your city and they say, look, if you come, not being a pro baseball player, if you come to the baseball field, to the stadium, they will throw the ball at you once, and if you hit it out of the field, what it's called the home run, if you hit it out, you get a homerun, you will get $5 million or 5 million pounds if you’re in UK.” If you hit it out of the field, you get 5 million. How many people do you think would come to that stadium to try, to try their luck, to take a swing? the chances are, there's going to be thousands of people because everybody wants to take the shot, it's 5 million. If I hit it out of the field, I get 5 million for this one swing. Pretty neat deal.

When you come there, there's going to be a massive queue. First thing, there's going to be a group of people who will come, see this massive queue and go, “Ah, sorted. I can't be bothered to stand in the queue. I know I could get 5 million for that swing, but look at the queue. There's like thousands of people in the queue. Ah, not worth the hassle.” Isn't it how most people are in life? There might be opportunities, there might be a business opportunity that you could do tremendously well, that you could achieve incredibly well, but you need to wait. Like it doesn't happen right away, it doesn't happen the first day. And most people come, they give it two, three days and they go, “Ah, too hard, can't be bothered, I quit.” That's one.

But imagine you're not one of those people. And you say, “You know what, I'll wait in the queue.” So you stand in a queue. And it's hours, it's taking hours, you're in this queue, it's slowly moving slowly, everybody gets they go, they swing and they go, and they swing and they go, and of course, behind you, there's also a queue, also thousands of people. Imagine you get to the thing, you get to the stadium, you get to the front of the line, they put you on the field, and they throw the ball at you, and you swing and you miss, which is most likely going to happen because you've never played baseball before. You're not a pro, you either miss it or you hate it, but like awfully, it doesn't fly out of the field. Now you've done it, will you go to the back of the queue again? Will you go to the back of the queue and wait again for the half a day or for the whole day, or for how many hours because again, there's thousands of people now behind you? So you have to go all the way to the back of the queue and start it off? Will you do that? Most people won’t.

Most people will go, “Ah, I gave it a shot. I gave it a shot. I'm good. I'm going home. I had enough.” Unfortunately, I see this all the time in network marketing. People go and go, “Yeah, I'll give it a shot. I'll give it a shot.” They do it for three weeks. They don't make a million, they go, “Ah, I quit. I gave it a try. I tried. I tried. But it didn't work out for me. I didn't become a millionaire in three weeks. So I'm good.” You know what separates the top, top, top, top, top leaders in network marketing from everybody else? Do you know what a top, top, top, top, top, top leader would do in that situation? If that was the situation, a baseball field, you hit it, you get it, you get 5 million, thousands of people in the queue, the top, top, top leader will go back to the queue.

Wait the whole thing, hit again, back to the queue, wait for the whole thing, hit again, the top leader will keep going back to the queue until there's no more people in the queue, until everybody else have quit, until everybody else have gone home and the top leader will still keep going back to the queue until he's on his own. He's like, “Hey, there's nobody behind me. Can I just keep hitting? Can I just keep punching him until I get the result?”

That's what the top, top, top leaders are in the business, you cannot defeat them. You cannot stop them. You cannot prevent them from success because you can't defeat somebody who doesn't give up. You can't destroy somebody who doesn't give in, who just says like, “Yeah, I fell down, get up. Let's go again.”

Like you can't deal with a person like that. You can't defeat a person. And a person like that usually is the person who's gone to the top. I've attended loads of conferences in Las Vegas, in different parts of the world for network marketing, for business and it's a trend. It's a trend. When you hear very wealthy people, successful people, rich people, you hear their stories. And I'm yet to hear an easy story. I'm here to hear somebody walk up on the stage goes, “Yeah, I'm a multimillion dollar person, it was easy peasy. I just woke up, bam, Bob's your uncle, I'm rich.” Like, I've never heard one like that.

Most of these people who go on stage who became incredibly successful and made loads of money. These are the people who say, “Look, I've survived cancer. I've survived my child's death. I survived bullying, I survived being beaten by my husband. I survived this that.” Like they all had hard stories. And that's why they become so successful in business because they go, “Look, if I survive that, then this, I don't give a crap. I will persist until I get the result. I will work my ass off until I get the result.”

But people who are spoiled by life, people who had it easy, people who would take everything for granted, they come to home business and they go, “Ah, it's too hard. It's too difficult. They’re not buying from me, they’re not joining me, I quit.” That's what they do. That's what they do. So if you want to become that top, top, top, top leader, if you want to make you know big money, achieve the top results, remember this story, you just have to keep going back to the queue, back to the queue and take the swing and take the swing and take this one.

And eventually you'll hit the freaking ball and it will fly out of the field. And when it happens, you know what they're going to say, they’ll say, “You're an overnight success. Oh, you just became lucky all of a sudden. Oh my gosh, you're so lucky.” And you'll say, “Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 10 years of trying, overnight success, sure, definitely.”

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