Will you DARE to be a SUPERHERO?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about you being a superhero. What do superheroes often wear? Superheroes often wear a mask.

Very often they have a mask on their face. Batman and all sorts of other superheroes, usually they have a mask on their face. Since we have the situation that we have right now, most of us are being asked to wear a mask like a superhero. Now the question is, will you dare to be a superhero? Since you're already wearing a mask, only thing you need is then a bit of courage to actually be the superhero that you are intended to be, be the superhero that you were born to be, because you're already wearing the mask? You're already wearing the mask, so you already have the chance to be the superhero that you were born to be.

The question is, will you have the courage? Will you have the boldness to be the superhero? Now what does it mean to be a superhero? Well, what do superheroes do? They do good deeds. They help other people. They support other people, other people who are in trouble, other people who are suffering. The superheroes, they go to the rescue, they go to save them and help them right? Can’t you do that too. If you have a product that can change somebody's life, that can improve their health or their skin or their hair or something else, is it not your duty to help them? If you have a business opportunity that can help somebody to put more food on the table, that can help somebody to become financially free, that can help somebody to buy a car of their dreams or house of their dreams to travel, to their dream destinations, is it not your duty to help them?

Like the superhero who helps other people all the time, who supports other people all the time, now you have been given the permission as well, to start doing your good deeds, to start doing your bit for this society to start doing your contribution to make this world into a better place. Or will you be a supervillain and wear the mask and do the bad deeds cause to the mass hysteria. Tell people how bad and horrible everything is and go and contribute to that.

Like always in life, it's our choice, isn’t it. It's like that story about two wolves where the American Indian chairman speaks to his grandson. And it tells to the grandson, he says, “Inside of every one of us, there is two wolves, the white one and the black one. The White Wolf is the good wolf. The black one is the bad wolf.” And the grandson says, “Grandfather, but which wolf will win?” And the American Indian Chairman says, “The one that you will feed.” The question is my friends, which one are you feeding?

Are you looking for positive and everything? Are you looking how to help other people? Are you looking how to improve this world and how to help other people and how to improve the society? Or are you looking to contribute to the bad stuff? Are you looking to raise even more anger, even more anxiety, even more uncertainty, even more fear? It's up to you. It's entirely up to you. It's your choice. The question is will you be a superhero? Or will you be a supervillain?

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