Why you should start talking as soon as you start your Facebook live?

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I want to talk about why you should start talking as soon as you start your Facebook Live. I'll explain it in just a second. So today's topic is why you should start talking as soon as you start your Facebook Live.

One of the newbie mistakes, one of the newbie errors in doing Facebook Lives is when people will start the Facebook Live and they look, it’s  like, “Nobody's watching or like it's one in that corner.” And then they go, “All right and guys, so we'll just wait for more people to jump on, nice weather today. Yeah, let's just wait around a bit.” So they’re waiting for people to jump on the video. Now that's a mistake.

It's a mistake, one because there's going to be a lot more people watching the replay of your video than the actual live video. So if you're waiting for the people who are going to watch the replay, it's like excruciating, they're like cutting the veins, they're hiding themselves. They are like, “Talk Come on, Jesus, just say something.” So they want you to start talking, but there's actually even bigger reason than that. And if you think about it, why do we do all of the social media? Why do we do with the posts, the pictures, the videos, the lives? The reason hopefully, like I hope you'll get this and if you haven't, this is going to be a big lesson on its own for you, the reason why we do the social media is to connect with people. Like a lot of people don't get it. They think that, oh, I post so that everybody will buy something from me. I post something so that everybody joins my business. That isn’t going to happen.

You do realize that the purpose of your social media is not to sell because most people are not ready to buy anything from you. Most people are not ready to just, just because you posted a picture of your product, they’re not ready to go, “Oh, yeah, I'm buying it.” Unless you're like a Kardashian, where like people just buy whatever you tell them to buy. Like, nobody's going to jump and buy something, or if you go join my team, like most people are not going to just go, “Oh, yeah, where do I sign? Where do I send the money?” Isn’t going to happen.

The purpose of your social Media is not to sell, or to recruit somebody right away, the purpose of your social media is to start a conversation. That's the purpose. And when you start the conversation, in the conversation, you will sell a product. In the conversation, you’ll recruit the person, but not straight away. Like if you’re blasting your social media with recruiting posts or with sales posts, you’ll sell some, you'll recruit some, but you will put off a lot more people than you will sell to or recruit.

So once you understand that the purpose of social media is to start conversations, is to have more conversations with people, is to have more connection, because conversation is connection, is communicating. It's building a relationship with somebody. So if you get that, then if I start a Facebook Live, and I see, “Oh, it's only Vida that's watching, Vida is not that important, let me wait for somebody else to join.” Like, what message am I sending to this person? I'm saying, “Hey, you're not enough. Let me wait for more people to join.”

Like I'm looking at you, but I'm waiting for people behind you to get in, like you're not that important to me. Let me just wait a second for more people to join in. That's like an idiotic thing to do. Like if there's one person, awesome. Let's roll like, “Hey, Violate, thanks for joining in. I'm going to be talking to you right now.” And you do the whole thing for that one person.

In real world, that's what we do. Like I've delivered presentations to one person, somebody calls you, your team members say, “Yeah, I am going to have a whole meeting. I've invited 55 people, can you come and run the presentation?” You come to the whole meeting, and there's like one person sitting there. Do you go, “Ah, there's only one person, cancel, turn around and go.” You don't do that. You go, “Awesome. Let me do a presentation for you.”

And you deliver a meeting to one person, because you want to show that person that they're important. You want to show that person that they mean something to you. You want to show that person that you appreciate them coming. 54 people didn't come, but this one person came and you give them all your love, you give them all your passion, you give them all your whatever. And that person very often, become a superstar in your business, because that's the one that was important.

This video right now, there's 23 people on it, but probably 22 of them, don't give a crap about what I'm saying. But if I get one person, and if I change one person's life on this video, if I get the penny to drop in one person's head, if I get one person, the light bulb to go on and they do something different and that changes their business and they make more money and become more successful because of that. Awesome. My job is done. I did what I wanted to do. It's not for the masses. Yeah, a lot of people will see the video, right? Yeah, a lot of people will see your presentation, but that's not what you’re doing, what you're doing is connecting with people, is trying to get that connection. And you're not going to connect with 1000 people in one goal, like it wouldn't be awesome, but it doesn't work like that, usually. But every video, somebody can relate to it.

This is why this is a video number 503, if I'm correct, this is Episode 503. So for the last 503 days, I went live every single day. Why? Because I know that in each of those video, maybe one person will relate to it, maybe one person's attitude or mindset, or life will change, maybe one person will pick up something a nugget from that and say, ”Hey, that was useful for me. That was great, I appreciate that.” That's what it's all about, and then maybe one person out of those hundreds who see the video will drop me a message and say, “Hey, man, that video, I really resonated with that, I really appreciate.”

And then maybe conversation starts, and maybe that person ends up buying something from me, maybe that person ends up joining my team, maybe that person ends up hiring me as a coach or whatever. And when that happens, it's amazing, it's awesome. But you never know when that's going to happen. But the more people you connect with, the more that's going to happen.

So it's all about the relationships. It's all about building those relationships, even if it's a virtual relationship. That's what the social media is all about. It's not about just blasting the masses. It's about catching. It's about picking. It's just another way of sorting. I always teach the network marketing. It's not about convincing people. We’re not here to convince, we're not here to grab Regina and go, “Oh my gosh, I'm going to make a business person out of her even if it kills me.” It's not about that. It's not about deceiving people, it's not about tricking people, manipulating people or anything like that. No.

Network Marketing, it's about sorting through people. It's about sorting through people. It's about, “Hey, man, would you be open?” “No.” Next, “Hello, would you be open?” “No.” Next, “Hey you would, great, come, I'll show you how.” That's what it's all about. So social media just helps you to sort faster and through more people. And your content that you provide, whether that's a picture, it's a quote, it's a video, it's a Facebook Live or whatever it is, is just a tool to sort through people.

It’s never going to happen that everybody loves you, “Oh my gosh, he’s so amazing.” It's never going to happen. Some people going to hate your guts. Some people hate on you openly. They'll go like, “Oh, you suck, man. You are crap.” It will happen, but one that says, “Hey man, I love your stuff.” That's the one you're doing it for. That's the one that you build the relationship with. So don't lose your sleep, don't beat yourself up, don't go, “Oh, but that video I messed up, let me delete that video.” Never freaking do that. Never delete a single video because that video where you messed up, that video where your voice was a bit shaking, that video where you were trembling and sweating, that video will change somebody's life. That video will inspire somebody else to do a video. That's what it's all about.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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