Why you should NOT motivate?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, March 26, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why you should not motivate other people. Maybe a strange blog coming from me. Like oh, this guy always does motivation and he's telling me not to motivate other people. Let me tell you why. What if I asked you to describe manipulation? What if I asked you to describe? How would you describe manipulating somebody? What would be your description?

Well, one of the descriptions of manipulating somebody is making somebody do something they don't want that you want them to do. That's manipulating. Basically making somebody to do something that they don't want but you want. Isn't it the same thing, what we call motivating people? So you see what we sometimes try to do so desperately as a leader in a network marketing business is to motivate people to do something, motivate them to sell, motivate them to recruit, motivate them to do, but that's basically trying to get people to do something they don't want to do and that's manipulation.

Now, do you want to be a manipulator? “Hey guys, I know motivators sounds much better.” More of you started to introduce yourself, “Hey, I'm a manipulator. I manipulate people very well, I manipulate the crap out of them.” Wouldn't be so nice, would it? 
I think sometimes we need to switch the mindset and understand that as a leader, sometimes you're not so much there to motivate people to do something they don't want, but more to inspire people who want to do something to do that. A true leader finds, what does this person want to do? What are their goals? What are their ambitions? Where do they want to go into life?

And then helps that person to find the tools, to find the skills, to find the knowledge necessary to realize that potential to do what they actually wanted to do. But that's harder. That takes more time. That takes more asking questions, more finding out, more getting to know that person. Sounds like a lot of work. Why don't I just motivate them to do what I want them to do? Why don't I just motivate them to sell some right? But that's not always what they want to do. That’s really the distinction and sometimes it's slight distinctions, but it helps you to look at your role as a leader from a different perspective.

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