Why you should NEVER talk bad about other companies or people leaving your team?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, April 22, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about why you should never talk bad about other companies or about people who leave your team and go to another business. 

So first of all, it's just a bad practice but actually it's been scientifically proven that companies for example, there are companies who do adverts like advertisement and they say, “Well, we are better than that company or we are better than this company.” They have scientifically proven that companies who advertise and say their competitors name in their advertising and say bad things about their competitors, they usually get less results than more what they expected because what that does actually if you say bad things about your competitors what it's doing it's actually telling people about your competition, you’re promoting your competition and very often people will go for the company that you're talking bad about. So never ever, ever say bad things about other companies because it's just going to cause you more harm. If you haven't got anything good to say about another company, just don't say anything about it because if you start saying, “Oh, that company is bad.” That shows your character, it shows that you have bad feelings about other businesses. 

Same way when people are leaving your team for example, if you ever have a leader who makes the decision that they want to go to another company, the temptation is to do a Facebook Live or to do a team meeting and say, “Guys, this person, they’re horrible, don't go after them, don't talk to them.” But what this actually does, it just encourages people to find out. “So why did this leader leave the company? Let me contact them” and before you know it, they're joining their team, before you know it, they are being recruited by that person because I tell you, you might think that, oh, everybody in my team knows what's happening and everybody in our company knows what happening but I tell you what, if you go and go, “Hey, I wanted to tell you about this leader who left to another company, half or maybe more than half of your team didn't even know that that person left the business but now that you told them, they’re going to go and find out, “Hey, man, why did you leave the business? Is that company better? Maybe I should go there too.”  Never do that. 

If somebody decides to leave your business, one, wish them well, just because they’re not in your team doesn't make them an enemy to you, doesn't make them a bad person just because they're not making money to you because think about it, if you were working in a normal job in an office and one of the ladies from the office decides to go and work for another company, for another office, are you going to hate her for that, are you not going to be friends with her anymore because she got another job No, you still going to be friends with her. 

So same in business just because a person decides to go to another business doesn't make your enemy. Number two, don't make a big deal about it. Don’t go, “Oh my gosh, you should not speak to that person, they're horrible.” Don't say bad things about them because it's only going to damage your business even more and instead, go and work harder, go and work with their team that remains, go and work to replace them. 

Like Cesar Rodriguez says, “Don't chase them, replace them.” If somebody goes out of your business, guess what your mission should be then be to recruit at least 10 people this month. So you replace that person by new people, and you grow the business, but last thing you want to do is say bad things about another person because you have to understand how the psychology works. If you are saying bad things about another person, if I meet with you, and you are telling, how horrible he is, what I'm thinking is what do they say about me when I'm not around? If they're talking bad behind that person's back, what do they say about me when I'm not around? 

It doesn't serve you in any way, shape or form to say bad things about another person. Actually, if somebody leaves your business and you say, “Well, I wish her success, I hope she reaches her goals. I hope she gets everything she wants in her new venture.” The people around you will go, “Hmm, that's different.” That shows character, that shows that they’re not talking bad about them, they're not trying to damage their name, or their repetition or whatever, “Hmm, that person has really got integrity. That person really appreciates people for who they are.” And stay in touch with people. Somebody leaving your business, just say, “Hey, look, best of luck in whatever you do, keep me updated on your successes.” Because guess what? I've seen it only a million times when somebody leaves the business but if you keep a good relationship with them, they come back again but if you burn all the bridges, if you swear at them, if you tell them they're an idiot, guess what, even if they were going to come back to the company, they're not going to come back to your team. 

They'll come back to somebody else's team. So you want to keep the good relationship even if somebody leaves, it's absolutely okay, it's their decision. You don't own people that are in your team. They're not your property. They can come and leave as they pleases, it’s not a problem, but the last thing you want to do is say bad things about other companies or about other businesses. Just say, “Hey look, I can't comment. I don't know that company; I don't know what they do. I don't know if it's better or worse. I love my company. I love my team and I adore my products. That's what I can talk about but I can't really comment on another company or a person making different decisions. It's entirely up to them.” And this way it'll put you on a higher ground and you will feel better too, you will feel inside of yourself better too. 

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