Why you should market what it DOES not what it IS?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about marketing and why you should market what it does, not what it is. I learned this from my mentor Ray Higdon. And he always talks about marketing what your product does, instead of marketing what it is. Now, there's many reasons why you should do that. One being that your potential customers are a lot more interested in what he does than what it is. Nobody buys a drill because they want to drill, people buy a drill because they want a hole in the wall. You should always be talking about the hole in the wall and not about the drill. Your product is the drill, but what they want to achieve is the hole in the wall. Anyway, it's a given that it's more effective, but also is to reduce your competition. What do I mean by that?

Whenever some product becomes popular, whether that's CBD, whether that's ketones, whether that's essential oils, whether that's a Sai Berry, whatever new ingredient, collagen and things like that, Whenever there's a trend that a particular ingredient, or a particular type of product is going to be popular, guess what happens? The big businesses, the big supermarkets jump on it as well. You might have a particular food supplement with a particular ingredient, or a particular shampoo with a particular ingredient, or a particular whatever, with a certain ingredient, and if you start marketing what it is, “Hey, I have a shampoo with this thing in it. I have a food supplement with this thing in it.”

Then when the big supermarkets catches on that, “Oh, the yellow berry is now the thing of the popular things.” What do you do, you may sell a really good food supplement with a yellow Berry that cost 50 pounds, and it might be totally good value for money because it's incredible. It has a lot of concentration of that ingredient. It does incredible job it gives a great effect, but as soon as the big supermarkets hear that, “Oh, the yellow berry is very popular now.” Guess what they're going to do? They're going to do five kilos of yellow berry for three pounds.

It might not even be yellow berries. It might be sawdust in there. It may be recycled plastic bottles in there with a drop of yellow Berry. But they will put their name on the packaging anyway. And now if you just marketing on your social media, yellow Berry, yellow Berry, they'll say, “Oh, she sells yellow Berry. Oh, yeah. But I saw this big supermarket do yellow berry.”

Doesn’t matter that your product is 1000 times better quality, is 1000 times more effective than what the big supermarkets will sell. But they'll say, “Oh, why should I buy yellow berry from you for 50 pounds, if it sells for three pounds for a five litre jug in the big supermarket.” And you will not be able to explain that, “Hey, mine is better than and that one is not so good.” You're losing the battle. But you're losing the battle, because you're marketing what it is. But you see if you market what it does, then people will have to come to you.

Instead of saying, “Hey, I have a yellow Berry, who wants to buy more yellow Berry?” If you market how to sleep better, how to reduce back pain, how to feel more energetic, how to feel calmer, how to feel more excited, how to whatever? Whatever it does, if you market what it does, the effects of it, now they're not going to go, “Oh, I'm going to go and buy Tesco, the more sleep thing.” No, they have to find out from you, what is it? What's the product that helps to do this thing?

This way, it reduces your competition when you marketing what he does, instead of marketing what it is because if you just keep saying the ingredient in your product, then they'll find that ingredient on Amazon, on eBay, in a big supermarket. But if you’re marketing how to sleep better, they don't know what helps that, they don't know what your product does, what ingredients, they have to reach out to you, not the Google, not the Amazon, not the eBay, not the big supermarkets, and that's when you win.

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