Why you should look for partners?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to talk about cooperation because this is something that I found very difficult when I first got started in business when I first started being interested in entrepreneurship. I had an attitude.

If you want it to be done right, you have to do it yourself. So I wanted to do everything, I wanted to be the best speaker, I wanted to be the best trainer, best presenter, best everything and quickly, I got pretty good at what I do. And this way, I wanted to do everything by myself, I wouldn't give a chance to my team members or to other people to even do the job because I would do everything by myself because I'm the best, which is the craziest and the worst attitude to have in business because that way, you keep doing everything yourself for the rest of your life. So that's part one, you know, in your team, you have to trust other people, and you have to give responsibilities to other team members. Otherwise, you'll end up doing everything for everyone for the rest of your life and you'll have no freedom, no sense of team because you'll just be on your own all the time. So that's one.

Secondly, is looking for partnerships with other people. So that might be a person from another team. It may be even a personal from another company, or maybe a person who was not even in your industry, but looking for ways to partner up with other people, so that you can create projects that are unique, that are better than anything you could have done by yourself. And again, that's something that I was reluctant for a long time to let somebody work with me, to let somebody partner up, to let somebody do something together.

Because, again, lacking trust, not trusting the other people, maybe you’re thinking that I'm not good enough to be partnering up with them, or something like that. We all create these stories in our head where we stop ourselves from progressing, but one of the most beautiful things in life is synergy. And synergy is not like a compromise where two people agree on a common thing but both miss out on something both lose out a little bit. Synergy is going to be agree on something and their agreement that the thing that they create is better than what they would have created individually. And that's amazing.

And I've now seen it so many different times when I partner up with somebody when we do some joint ventures or something, and the end result becomes much better than what I could ever do by myself. So, my advice for you is, if you're like me, if you scared a little bit of venturing into partnerships with other people, doing some joint ventures, doing some projects together, maybe you think you're not good enough, or maybe you think other people are not good enough, just let that go and give it a go. Just see, well, let's see what happens. If it works out awesome. If it doesn't work out, cool. You can always work on your own. It doesn't matter if one project doesn't work out. But you will see, I bet you, you will see some incredible, incredible things.

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