Why you SHOULD lie to yourself?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Under: Personal Development

The title is why should you lie to yourself or why you should lie to yourself.

A lot of people do what is called negative goal setting. And negative goal setting is worrying. So when you worry about things, it's basically like negative goal setting. So you setting negative goals, you go, “Oh, my gosh, what if that happens? Oh, what if they laugh at me? Oh, what if they ridicule me? Oh, what if they don't join my business? Oh, what if they don't buy anything?”

All you doing by that is basically setting a negative goal. So when you setting goals, you go, “Well, I want this to happen in my life, or I am a millionaire, or whatever.” So when you set goals, you basically putting things that you would like to happen in your life, and then you working towards it, but worrying is like a negative goal setting. So all you're doing, you're basically planning to fail, you planning for bad things to happen in your life. And that's what most people do. And in a way that is influenced because we have so much negativity happening around us.

Newspapers are full of negative news, TV news are full of negative news, everybody's talking, everybody's complaining about things that are not good in their life. So automatically, we become a bit negative, we like start attracting a bit of negativity, because the more you talk about negative things, the more you attract, but what I will like to suggest to you, what I'd like to advise you to do is just lie to yourself.

So what do you mean by lying to yourself, maybe right now you're not in a great place in life, maybe right now you're struggling, maybe right now you're not getting results you'd like to get, maybe you're not making amount of money that you'd like to make, and so on and so on, and I know it's tough when you're in a bad place to think positive, to set your goals because every day you wake up, and it sucks, and your life is not great but, one of the things I remember when I was learning from Brian Tracy, he said, like, for example, if you read a book that it's really not interesting to you, like it's really boring stuff, but if you pretend to love it, like you sit down, you're like, “Oh my gosh, it's so interesting."

What happens is in about five to 10 minutes, you start being interested in the subject, you trick your brain, and you trick your body by pretending to like something and you start liking it. Same way, if you're talking to somebody, and that person is not very energetic and you are a bit bored, if you pretend to be super interested in what they have to say, within five to 10 minutes, you start being interested in what they've got to say, you start really enjoying the conversation. So it's all about tricking your mind into believing things that are not yet happened.

What I want you to do is start looking at affirmations, empowering questions and things that basically tricking your mind. So lying to yourself every day, if you like, like, “Hey, everything I touch turns to gold, whatever I do, it become successful, every single day, I'm making progress. Today is going to be an awesome day.” And all of these things. And I know you might wake up and you in pain, or whatever, and it doesn't look like it's going to be an awesome day. But if you keep repeating today is going to be a great day, today is going to be an awesome day, everything I touch turns to gold, whatever I start I finish.

I am the money magnets I had whatever you can Google affirmations, you will find a lot, I love loads of different kinds of affirmations from Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins. But the idea is, it's a lie. It's not true. Like right now, not everything that you touch turn to gold, right now, you don't finish everything that you start. But if you start saying these things over and over and over, guess what happens? You start believing them out over time, and you start manifesting them, you start actually doing things that actually start happening. And people do the complete opposite all the time, they keep saying, “I'm not smart enough, oh my English is not good enough, oh this or that.”

And because they say those negative things, even if they are not true, over time, it becomes true, it becomes their reality. So if they keep saying like, “Oh, I’m so unlucky, oh all the people betray me all the time,” if they keep repeating these things, then it becomes true, even if it isn't it at first. But if you say the positive things, if you keep saying to yourself, all of those positive things every single day, you will start believing in it. And when you believe it, you're going to start acting on it and then you'll start getting those results in your life.

So my advice is, yes, do lie to yourself and make yourself believe in those things, because you are born to be great, there is greatness inside of you, in your blood in your veins, in your genes, there is the greatest leaders of the world, that is the best actors and the best politicians and the best conquerors and the best kings, all of that is in your genetics, all of that is in your DNA, you just need to let it manifest itself, you just need to let it become a reality. And one way to do that is by keeping to tell yourself those things every single day, today's going to be a great day, everything I touch turns to gold, people are attracted to me, I meet great people all the time, great leaders joining my team all the time and if you keep repeating those things, your mind will believe in it and once your mind believes in it, you'll start acting on it.

Another example of this, guys, is how the sports people use visualization. So for example, before they run the race, in their mind, they imagine themselves running the race, successfully finishing the race, winning the race and guess what your mind doesn't know the difference between what you’re imagining and the real thing. So when they actually come to run the race, their mind is thinking, we already done this thing, we already done it so many times, we're going to do really great and they perform better after they have visualized it.

So you too, can visualize yourself making the money, you can visualize yourself driving that dream car, you can visualize yourself taking your kids to Disneyland, you can visualize yourself becoming the top leader in your company, you can visualize yourself walking on the stage and picking up that cheque, you can visualize all of those things and then your mind will think, “Well we've done it already once we can do it again.” It's almost like giving yourself a practice run at success.

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