Why you should follow the SEQUENCE of steps?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why you should follow the sequence of things, of events, of actions, of steps and you shouldn't do things out of order.

One of the leaders was talking about doing a training and he said a thing that really got my mind thinking and he said, “In business, you should always follow the sequence of events or the sequence of actions.” Because what unsuccessful people try to do in network marketing, they try to skip steps, they try to speed up the process, they try to get there faster, and very often it gives the bad results.

Let me give you an example. So we train a lot on how to communicate with people on for example, on social media so that you don't come across a Spamela Anderson, so that you don't just spam people blatantly with your links and things, but you do it professionally. So a step one would be to reach out to somebody and ask them if they would be open to take a look.

Instead of assuming that that person is interested in my product and business and just sending them the link right away, I should first of all ask, “Hey Lee, would you be open to take a look at my opportunity to earn extra income and if you're not open? That's okay, too. I thought I would just ask.” So that's the first question. That's the first step. If Lee says, “Yeah, I'm open, I would take a look.” Then I might say, “Great. I've got this video that explains the business very clearly. How soon could you watch it?” And Lee might say, “Well, I'll watch it tonight.” Great. So now I know that I need to follow up with Lee tomorrow because he's going to watch it tonight.

The next step would be to follow up with him and say, “Hey, did you watch the video?” And if he says, yes, then what did you like the best? If he says, “I like this, that and the other.” I might dig a little bit deeper and then say, “Awesome, sounds like you ready to join.” And if he says, “Yes, I'm ready to join.” Great, I sign him up into the business and then we proceed to the next step, etcetera. That's the sequence of events. That's the sequence of steps.

Now, what people who are amateurs in business or who don't get really good results in business, what they try to do, they look at that and they go, “Ah, that looks too much work. Let me skip steps. Let me send the link right away or let me ask them to join right away, like, why go through all of this hassle? Why not just go on my Facebook and say join my team, makes it easier. I don't need to do all of that.” Doesn't always work as well as you would think because you're trying to skip steps or you're trying to do things out of order.

And like the leader in Russia, when he shared the example, he used an example of going to toilet. Imagine if you mixed up the order of events when you go to toilet. If you try to do the thing, before you took the chances of. Imagine if you mixed up the sequence of events in a shower, if you started shampooing your head, and then you decided to take the clothes off. Again, you would be quite a disastrous consequence of that, right?

Well, same way in your business. When you try to do things out of order, when you don't follow the sequence of events, then very often you'll get a backwards result. And that's how, very often when I speak to somebody in the business and they say, “Well, nothing is working for me, your scripts are not working. People are not joining, nobody's buying the product, nobody's interested.” Nine times out of 10, I tell you, I go, “Great, let's look what you're doing. Let's look what you're saying.”

And almost without exception, they're doing things out of sequence, they’re changing the system, they’re changing the words, they’re changing the post, they’re not doing what they're been told to do. And as soon as you start changing the system, the system stops working, and then you're not getting results. So whenever you stop getting results, ask yourself, “Am I skipping steps? Am I doing things out of order? Am I changing the system, and that's why the system is no longer working for me?”

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