Why you should build with ONE network marketing company?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why you should build with one network marketing company.  Okay, so why should you build with one network marketing company at the time?

Simple, simple, simple analogy. Let me ask you a question, have you ever seen an Olympic gold medalist coming up, picking up a gold medal for swimming and then also competing at skiing? Have you ever seen a brain surgeon who works all week as a brain surgeon, and then also works as an electrician during the weekends? Have you ever seen stuff like that? Probably you haven't. Because when you really focus on something, when you really want to become successful at something, you have to focus on one thing.

If you want to become successful in network marketing, then you need to focus on one company. Because the challenges when you get into network marketing, as soon as your friends, family, work colleagues, Facebook contacts, realize that you're in network marketing, guess what happens? They think that's a green light to pitch you on every single company that is out there. So they will start attacking, “Oh my God, you’re in network marketing, take a look at my deal. Hey you’re in network marketing, have a look at my products.”

And what happens is, if you're not careful, you can very easily get distracted, because each new company looks better than the other one and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, all of these amazing companies, with all of these amazing products, with all of these amazing marketing plans and potential to earn, I need to do all of these companies.” But the problem is, when you are a master of many, and then you know, whatever they say when you’re trying to do many things at one time, you’re a master of none. What happens is that you don't get really good results in any of the companies there.

I do realize that most people who will get into network marketing, they have a full time job. So I'm not saying you have to quit your full time job in order to do network marketing properly, no, no, because that's two different things. You can have your job, and you can have your business is two different things. What I'm saying is you shouldn't do 2, 3, 4, 5 different network marketing companies at the same time, because that would just not make sense and it would be very difficult to achieve great results.

From experience and from what I've seen out there and I've seen a lot of successful network marketers. I've never seen a million dollar earner who's doing two or three different network marketing companies. Usually, they focus on one. Usually they build a huge team in one company. Usually, they're passionate about one product. So that's why for you, I would highly recommend if you're a brand new person in network marketing, put the blinders on. Give your network marketing opportunity, at least a year before you look anywhere else.

Okay, so you need to focus and just work your business; don't get distracted; don't start jumping from one company to another. It's a not a very nice term, but there is a term in network marketing, called network marketing prostitutes. This doesn't apply just to women; it applies to people who are jumping from one company to another, one company to another.

So you definitely don't want to be one of those people. You want to stick to one thing, marry your company, so that it's one thing and you’re sticking to it until you get the results because some of you are getting mixed messages. You know, you watch people like Richard Branson, like Sir Alan Sugar, like Shark Tank or Dragon's Den and you hear these things, people saying, “Oh, you can keep all of your eggs in one basket, you can’t
 just do one thing, because that's too risky. You need to diversify your income.” And you get all of these ideas. So you think, “Oh yeah, I need to diversify. I need to like do five different companies in case one company doesn't work out, I still got…” No, no, it doesn't mean like that.

Richard Branson, yes now under the Virgin Umbrella, he has hundreds of different companies. But he didn't start 100 companies at the same time. So he started Virgin Records, once that started getting going, once that's profitable, ones that's working, he opens another Virgin Travel or Virgin Money, or Virgin Health or Virgin whatever. So it’s not hundred companies in one go, it’s once one business is working, you open the next one, once that’s working you open the next one.

So there is nothing wrong, once you got your network marketing business going, once you start making money in your network marketing business, there's nothing wrong with taking some of that money and investing it in stocks and shares, taking some of that money and investing it into property, taking some of that money, and maybe starting a traditional business on the side or whatever. Like I'm not a financial advisor, and what whatever, you need to consult a specialist. But there's nothing wrong with investing your money to diversify, so that now you're getting income from your network marketing business, and you're getting income from your investments is totally cool.

But not doing three, four or five different network marketing companies. Because now if you're not a new person, if you're a leader, if you’ve been in the business for a while, and you already have some people in your team, and you start looking at different network marketing companies, what that does, it sends confusing message to your down-line, to your team, to your customer base.

Because what you’re saying to your team is, my company is not good enough. That's why I need to look at other companies. My product is not good enough that’s why I'm looking at other products, you understand what I'm saying it sends confusing messages, and then your team members going so like, are you not making enough money in this thing? Or is this company about to go down? Or do we not know something? Why are you looking at these other businesses? It confuses people.

So you need to be the rock solid. Because if you want to lead a team of hundreds or thousands of people, then you need to be rock solid. If you’re going to church, if you went to church, and let's say you're a Catholic, and you go to a Catholic Church and if your priest did the Catholic M ass on Sunday, but then you realize that your priest on Monday goes and does the service at Baptist Church and on Tuesday, your priest goes to a mosque, and does a service there, and then on Wednesday, he goes to the Hindu temple, and does the service there, wouldn’t you go like, “What is going on? Like, is one God not enough? Is like one religion not good enough? Why do you need to keep looking at us things? Like what is happening?” You would be confused.

Probably you wouldn't go to that church again, or to that particular priest, right? Because they’re sending you mixed messages, they’re sending you conflicting messages. If you were into one particular political party, and a member of that party started playing on the other side, again, that would confuse the heck out of you, wouldn't it? So same in business you have to be true to what you're doing. You have to be consistent to what you're doing. You have to focus on one thing.

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