Why you should BRAND yourself?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, April 13, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to talk about why you should brand yourself. Today’s topic is why you should brand yourself.

Now when it comes to branding and marketing on social media, I see many people in network marketing who are constantly posting pictures of their products, constantly posting logos of their company, the name of the company. They have the name of the company on the T-shirt and they have the name of the company on the hat and they've got everything and it's everywhere on the profile. Now I know you love your company and I know you love your products and I know you're in love with your business, however, when it comes to building your business, especially on social media, you have to brand yourself.

Few reasons why, one, people will not join your company or your product, most likely they will join you. That’s why more than knowing about your company or your product, people want to know you. Why are you doing it? What's your story? What is your motivation? Why did you decide to work with this company? Why do you love it? And so on. They want to know you, not the company, not the product.

Secondly, if you brand not yourself, but the company, if you're always branding yourself as the company, guess what, if a person approaches me, it could be about difference. We could be talking about different things. But if a company approaches me, what will I assume automatically? What do they want to do? They want to sell me something. Why else would a company approach me? A company would not approach me to ask, “Hey, how are you getting on? How was your day? Hope you're well.”

The company would not do that. A person would, but a company wouldn't. If you’re branding yourself as a company, straightaway, you're raising that resistance in people's eyes because they thinking, “Ah, they’re going to try to sell something, they're going to try to offer something to me.” Whereas if you brand yourself as a person, as an entrepreneur, as somebody who changes people's lives, as a stay at home mom that is rocking her business, or whatever it is, that is a lot more attractive. That is a lot more interesting. And that's why you should brand yourself.

The last reason is, of course, a scenario that none of us want to happen, but sometimes it happens where companies shut down, or companies go out of business. Or sometimes for whatever reason, even the company might terminate you as a distributor. And these things can happen in life. God forbid, if your company goes out of business or they terminate you from the business, and all the branding you done was company, company, company, company, product, product, product, product, now, you leave the company, what happens with all of that? Busted, like you promoted the company not yourself.

So your people will carry on going to the company, but not to you. But if you brand yourself all the time, if people don't even know what company you work with, they know you're a business person, they know you're an entrepreneur, they know you have awesome products, but they don't even know what company you work with. If God forbid your company shuts down or you leave your company and you go to another company, nobody would even know that because you just continue offering opportunity to work from home, you just continue offering an opportunity to earn extra income. And people wouldn't even know that you've changed companies, or that your old company gone out of business or whatever. That's the power of branding you, of creating curiosity.

One of my mentors, he used to do network marketing. He now no longer does network marketing. He trains the whole industry. But when he was doing network marketing, he was so good at branding himself that he checked, and there was like 10,000 searches a month on Google people searching what company ‘his name’ that person does, what company does that person work with? Because when you looked on his profile, when you look to him as well, you couldn't tell what company he works with. That's how good his branding was to brand himself instead of branding the company.

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