Why you should be RECRUITING UP?!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, March 25, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about why you should be recruiting up. What I mean by that is that for most people their natural tendency is to recruit people down on a socio economic level. For example if somebody is working as a teacher in a school they will feel confident recruiting teaching assistants, recruiting the cleaner into their team but they wouldn't be comfortable or confident recruiting a school director, school principal the head of the school, because that person is higher on a rank on the socio economic level. 

So most people that's why naturally tend to recruit people down; they look for people who earn less money than them, they look for people who are less successful than them and they feel superior over those people and that's why they approach them about the business and that's why they recruit those people. However, it's a mistake to do and I did it also when I first started. 

When I first started, I did exactly the same thing, I would be scared to speak to people who have a better job than me or who make more money than me, or who are more successful than me, because I would be scared that they will reject me, I would be scared that they would laugh at my business or whatever. So instead, I would aim for people who are at the lower socio economic level, and I would offer the business to them. But without trying to sound horrible, if somebody is broke, if somebody hasn't got any money, if somebody's sitting at home all day long unemployed, there's a reason for that. I know there are exceptions. There are exceptions where whatever bad things happen. But more often than not, if somebody is got all the time in the world, they are doing nothing at all and you think, “Wow, perfect candidate for my business, they haven't got any money, they sitting at home all day long, great candidate for my business, they can join my business.” When in reality, there's a reason why they're sitting at home all day long, there's a reason why they are broke, it's because of their mindset, it’s because of the decisions they have made up until now. 

So the chances are, even if you do recruit them into your business, they will make the same decisions and they will do the same activity level what they did previously, and they won't become very successful. But if you go and recruit people who are more successful than you, who have better jobs, who make a lot more money, who are already successful at other type of businesses, guess what? One, they value their own time, two, they've already proven that they can achieve success in their job, or in their business, or whatever. So if they come into your business, guess what, they're going to crush it, they're going to recruit loads of people, and they’re going to sell loads of products, because they’re already successful. 

They are not crying all day long, they're not complaining how bad life is, they just go and get it done. That's why you need to think about recruiting up because for me, it took a long time, because we all have what is called the “chicken list”, where you have a list of people in your head, who could really do well in this business, but you're scared to offer the business to them, because you think they're too successful to do your business, they earn too much money to join your company. You have no idea because nine times out of 10, you just making that story in your head. Because somebody who's successful or who's making a lot of money doesn't mean they're happy doing that. So there are a lot of people who are making good money and have good jobs, but they're looking for a way out, they want to earn that passive income, they want to change their lifestyle, they want to spend more time with the family at home, etc., and your business might just be the reason or might just be the tool they can use to get out of the job or out of the career that they've been stuck in for a long time. So again, don't prejudge people, don't create stories in your head- don't “mind read” and actually, instead, give everybody the opportunity and let them make a decision. 

All you can do it ask, “Hey, would you be open? And if no, no big deal”, and they will make a decision whether it's for them or not. But start looking up, start recruiting up. Think about who do I know who's more successful than me? Who do I know who have a better job than me? Who do I know who is better connected with other people than me? Who do I know who could rock this business out? Who could overtake me and go to the highest level in our company, and go after those people instead, it might not be so easy to recruit them, as the person who sits at home all day long broke, doing nothing at all, yeah, they'll sign anything, and they’ll join any business. Why? Because they are NOT going to do anything, they don't even plan to do your business but they’ll sign to make you feel good. With successful people, it may be harder to recruit that person, because they, treat their time with responsibility, they think carefully before joining in for something but if you recruit that person, they're going to change your life, they’re going to explode your business.

It's worthwhile sometimes to go after more successful people, than just look for people who are broke, who are destitute, who are poor, who are jobless, who are whatever  and again, I'm not trying to be horrible to those people, it’s just very often, more often than not, there's a reason why they are broke. There's a reason why they haven't got a job. There's a reason why they got fired, right? 

It's because of certain decisions that they made up until now. It's because of their attitude towards work and towards other people, it just happens. So you need to think about for yourself, how can I get better quality people into my business? How can I surround myself with people who are better than me? One of the things I learned from my mentor, she always looks for people who are better than her at different areas. So if you're not great with computers, recruit somebody who's awesome with computers, if you're not a great on social media, recruit other people who are great on social media, if you're not great at connecting with people or being a public speaker, then go and recruit people who are great public speakers, and who can do trainings and connect with people. You know what I mean? That's what the most successful business people do out there in the real world. 

From Ford Motor Company to Gillette to Procter and Gamble, all of the successful companies guess what the CEOs do; they go and hire the best people they can get their hands on, and when they put best people around themselves, guess what, the company starts going up, the business starts going up, everything starts improving. Why? Because they're surrounding themselves with great quality people, so if you’re recruiting all the people who are being fired, who don't have jobs, who can't get jobs, who are poor, broke, etc., then guess the environment you’re creating around yourself, guess what type of people you're going to attract more into your business, you know what I mean? So, I'm not saying hey, don't help people who are poor, don't help people who need money. Sure, if they're prepared to do the work, if they want to join the business, rock it out, recruit them and build the business with them. But what I mean is, why not look for people who are higher? Why not look for people who are a bit more ambitious? Why not look for people who could succeed, just an idea, but you'll see if you do it, and if you recruit a couple of those serious people, you'll start transforming your life.

That's my message for today; start recruiting up, start looking who can I bring into my businesses who are better quality people that even me? And I know it's hard to admit sometimes it's hard to like go, “I'm not even good as that person.” It's totally fine, you don't have to be the best person at everything in order to become successful in business, all you have to do just surround yourself with awesome people. I have people in my team who are better than me at a lot of different areas and I'm not scared to admit that, I'm actually proud of that that I actually managed to attract them into my business because hey guess what, they can do better than me rock it out. I want them to overtake me I want them to go to the top level before I even get there totally awesome, I'll be more than happy for that.

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