Why you DON’T want people to say YES to you?!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, November 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why you don't want people to say yes to you. Today’s title is why you don't want people to say yes to you.

Well, that's strange Gediminas because I do want them to say, yes, and join my business, yes, and buy my product. And I understand. But there's a deeper thought behind this thing. You don't want people to say yes to you and join your business, you want people to say I can do it. A lot of people in the home based business arena are in the convincing mode.

How do I convince this person to join my business? How do I get them to join my team? Regardless of whether or not they'll be able to do this business, regardless of whether or not, they think they can do this thing. How can I convince them to sign the line that is dotted? How can I convince them to buy the starting package and get enrolled. But that's really not the objective.

The best thing is when you get the person to say, “Hey, I can do what she does, I can do what he does. That's not hard. The second you start talking to a potential prospect or potential business partner, you started training them, you don't start training them once you recruited, once they bought the starting package and once they in your team group, no, no, you start recruiting them from the moment you start talking to them.

Some of you are so amazing. Some of you are so great at telling about your business, and explaining your business opportunity, at dissecting your products and explaining everything about your products, that you are scaring people away from your business. What Gediminas! I thought if I'm really good at explaining it, I’ll recruit a lot of them. Not really, because if you are so good, where a person watching you thinks, “Oh my gosh, I could never do what she does. Oh my gosh, how does he remember all of this information?” You're already dead in the water. It's already game over.

Why? Because they're not going to say I can do that. They'll say, “Bloody hell that looks difficult. That looks really, really complicated. I don't know if I can learn all of this presentation. I don't know if I can learn all of this information. I'm not sure if this is for me.” If you getting a lot of people will say to you, “Oh, I need to think about it. I'll have a think about it.” It basically just shows you that people think that they can't do it. It's too complicated for them.

That's why from the second you start talking to somebody, you want to show it that they can do it too. You want to show it that it's easily duplicatable. And for that one, you need to use tools. I can do my company presentation, no problem. I don't do it. I send them a video to watch. Because if I explained to them the business, even though I'll do a better presentation, I'll put more passion in it. I'll put more fire in it. I'll be like, “Oh my gosh.” And they will be like, “Whoa!”

It's no good because they can't do the same. And if they can't do the same, then they will not say, “Oh, I can do that,” at the end of the presentation. They'll say, “Holy moly, this is so complicated.” I don't want them to say that. I want them to say, “Hey, that's easy. Oh, I could do that. That's so difficult.” All the time, I'm thinking how can I make it easier? How can I not get the person to say yes to me? How can I get person to say I can do that at the end of the presentation?

I don't want to convince them. I don't want to convert them. I don't want to give them so many arguments that I convince them to join the business. No, no, no. I want them to say, “That's easy. What he does is simple. What he does is I can do that too.” That's what I want to do, right. So simplify, simplify, simplify. Always explain to them how doable it is.

Always explain to them how simple it is? Always explain to them that there’s tools, that there's resources, there's trainings, there is team support, there's leader support. Show them the system that will make their life easy. That will make it simple for them to do what you do too. And your business will grow bigger, you'll recruit more people and those people will do more, because they'll think I can do that too.

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