Why would I join you?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, January 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This question, why would I join you?

That's the question. I know you're building a home based business, I know you help people earn extra income. I know you have wonderful products, but so do everybody else. So if you're in social media, if you're out there and about, and you're recruiting people, and you want for people to join your team, you have to ask yourself a question. Why would somebody join you? Why would I be attracted to you? Why would somebody want to be part of your team? So first question is, would you join you? If you saw your Facebook, if you saw your Instagram, if you spoke to you, would you be inspired to join you? That's the question.

So the reason why I'm asking this question is to pick your brain a bit and to get you to start thinking about it, how do you present yourself? How do you come across? What is your USB, Unique Selling benefit? So what's the reason, why would somebody join you and not somebody else in your company? Why would somebody join you and not somebody else in your team? Why would you want somebody join you and not somebody else in another company? You know what I mean?

You need to think of these things and then use that in the way that you present yourself on social media. So that's the question for today. Why would somebody join you? What do you bring to the table? What do you offer for that person? And then you need to start thinking, how can I work on myself? How can I work on the way I present myself on social media to attract more people to me, to entice more people to join my business, to help more people to make that decision to become part of my business, right? Because it's so important, how you come across how you put yourself out there, because so many people are just lazy.

They just go on social media and go join my team, join my team, buy my product, and buy my product? Well, everybody does that. Why would I buy from you? You know what I mean? The way that some people are marketing themselves, I would buy from anybody except from them, because of the way they market themselves because of their arrogance, because of their entitlement, because of their assertiveness, that, “Oh, I will definitely buy from your join you.”

You need to think of all of these things when you’re putting yourself out there, especially on social media, especially when you're putting content out there on groups and on your timeline and on your page, etcetera. How do you promote yourself? And why would somebody be attracted to you? Why would somebody join your team?

That's a question. If you can sit down and write a list of reasons why you stand out from the crowd, why you are so special, why you are different than everybody else? Why would somebody join your team and write down that list of things, I bet you you're going to come up with some interesting stuff and then you can use those things in the way that you market yourself on social media because you can use those things, those unique things about you as a reason why somebody would take a look at your business.

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