Why showing your BIG MONEY in the recruiting process is not good?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why showing your big money in the recruiting process is actually bad for your business.

When a leader reaches a certain level, they start making good money, they start getting the cars and everything, there's always a temptation to use that to sell the business, to use that to attract people and it works. Guess what it works. It works very well. If you start telling people, “Hey, I'm making big money, hey, I've got this brand new, huge car, hey, I'm doing this,” in the recruiting process, you will attract a bunch of people too because they'll get seduced. They'll get excited. They'll get attracted to this, they'll say, “Oh, I want to make that big money too. I want to get those big cars as well and all of that.”

However, there is an in built problem that you are creating if you're using your cheque to recruit people, if you're using your big car to recruit people, and here's the problem. Let's say, I'm your prospect, I'm a candidate, so I'm interested, I'm looking to make money from home and you are the big earner. So you go, “Hey, you know, I make this much money every single week and I got this massive cars for free from the company, join my team.” And let's say I say, “Well, wow, amazing. Let me join the team.” So I join your team.

Now, can I also do that to recruit people? No, I can't because I haven't got a big cheque with a lot of money and I haven't got a huge car to show. So now I'm going to go, “All right, well, they invited me by showing me big cheque and car, how do I invite people? I don't have a big cheque. I don't have a big car. So I can't invite people to the business.” And now you've created one of the two problems.

One problem, I'm not going to invite people at all, because I'll say, “Oh, I need to wait till I make a lot of money and I have a big car from the company before I start inviting people.” How is that going to work? How is that going to happen? Well, it's not going to happen, because unless I invite people, I will never have the big cheque and a big car, right. So that's one problem.

The other problem is, well, I say, “Okay, well, I don't have a big cheque and big car, that means I have to take all of my prospects to you because you're my sponsor, you invited me using your big heart, your big cheque. That means I'll just dump all of my prospects in front of you. And you do the presentations. And you get them recruited in because you have the big car and a big cheque.” Do you want to do that? Do you want to be the leader who does the presentations for the rest of the life, I didn't think so.

If you don't want to be having to do the presentation, because if you recruit people by showing you a big cheque and big car, that means you're going to have to do the same to all of their prospects, and all of their prospects, because they're not going to have a big car and big cheque to show, at least for a while. So that means you're going to have to do all the work and doing the presentations.

However, if you recruit somebody into the business using a tool, like a video, and the video might also show other leaders, making money and doing that's totally cool. But you show a video, you recruit them. Now guess what? They can use the same video to recruit other people. They don't need to have a big cheque. They don't need to have a big car in order to recruit other people into the business because all you did, you used a tool, that is duplicatable my friends. But if you're using your big income, or you're using your big car to recruit people, then you're creating a problem. You're creating a problem and the duplication of your business.

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