Why RESENTMENT doesn’t serve YOU?

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Today’s topic is why resentment doesn't serve you. So one of the best quotes, one of my favorite quotes of all time, I think it was Nelson Mandela who said it and he said, “Feeling resentment is same like drinking poison and hoping for your enemy to die.”

So feeling resentment is same like drinking poison and hoping for your enemy to die. What does that mean? Well, it means if you hate somebody, if you with all of your might, if you despise somebody, if you really resent that person and maybe it's valid, maybe they did something horrible to you, maybe they caused some bad things in your life and you have a right to feel resentment against that person, to hate that person, but it doesn't serve you. The only person that that resentment is harming is you.

One of my other favorite things, I remember listening to a program by Wayne Dyer. And he said, “When I used to get in traffic, I used to get mental, like, I would get mad, I would be ready to rip the mirrors of my car, ready to smash somebody in the face like he would get proper road rage when he would get stuck in traffic.” And then he goes, “One day, I realized that the traffic doesn't care.” The traffic doesn't care if you go mental or if you just go, “Well, I'll just have to sit in it. Let's play some music.”

So you going crazy, you going mad, you being angry, you being hateful, the only person that is harming is you because guess what, nine times out of 10, the person who you’re resenting, the person who you are hating, the person who you’re ready to kill, they don't even know that, they don't even care, because a lot of the times, we mind read, we make up these stories in our head where we go, “Well, this person properly, deliberately did this thing to upset me.” And that person didn't even think of you.

They have already moved on with their life and they doing whatever the hell are they doing and you are sitting there being mad at them, you’re sitting there hating them with all your might and all that's doing, it's eating you from inside out. It's damaging your health, it's damaging your mindset, it’s stopping you from focusing on things that are important your life, on your business, on your relationships, on whatever, focusing on anything is better than on hating somebody, than on despising somebody, than on resenting somebody and they don't even care. Or some of them like most of the time, that person doesn't even care that you hate them, that person doesn't even give a flying monkey about the fact that you despising them.

So most of the time, they don't even know that you hating on them, they don't even know that you're resenting them, but there is a group of people that are called energetic vampires. So those people actually thrive on you being mad at them. Those people love getting you out of balance. That's the whole point of them doing things to basically annoy you, to upset you, to provoke you and those people they feed off that energy of you being mad, of you being angry, of you resenting them, of you being upset over something that they've done.

The best thing you can do to stop that from happening is to ignore them. There is nothing worse to these energetic vampires than just being ignored. They try to upset you, they try to throw you off course, they try to do all of these things to manipulate you, to guilt you, to whatever, and you just ignore them and that drives them mad, and you just go, “F off.” Like you don't even, you’re like Teflon, it just bounces off you, you don't even care about it and that is the best thing you can do because either way, as soon as you show emotion, as soon as you show any anger to that person, as soon as you retaliate, that's exactly what they want. That's exactly what they expected. That's exactly what they wanted to do to you and that's the last thing you want to do.

What you want to do is move on and live a life of a person that is bigger, that is better than them. And that applies to haters. Sometimes you get haters, the more successful you become in life, the more you're going to achieve in life, the bigger the chance that you're going to have haters, because look at successful people, look at singers, look at actors, look at politicians, look at sports people, all people, most people who achieve very, very, very high levels of success, they usually have haters.

They have people who make up stories about them, who try to make their name dirty, try to make up stories of them and things like that. And guess what, if somebody is hating on you, if somebody is talking behind your back, if somebody is conjuring up some crazy stories about you, it's a good sign because that means you’re becoming successful, you achieving something worthwhile mentioning because if you are nobody, if you've not achieved anything, if nobody even knows about you, then what would be a point on hating on you, what would be a point on making up stories about you, what would be a point on trying to discredit you, since you're nobody anyway, but once you start achieving something, once you start becoming successful, once you start become popular, once you become liked by a lot of people, then there's always going to be people who going to be jealous until they blue in the face. And they will try to do crazy stuff to make you look bad.

But again, the worst thing you could do is retaliate, the worst thing you can do is start hating on them because that's exactly what they want to do, but you are a bigger person, you are a better person, you are smarter, you're more beautiful, you are more popular, you're more successful than they will ever be. So why put your hands into shit.

Don't, don't even interact with people like that. If you can, get rid of them from your life, block them, get rid of them but don't even spend time thinking about it. Don't even spend time talking about people like that because they not worth your time. They're not worth you talking about them because they’re just the lowest of the low. So again, as you become more successful, if you going to be doing videos, or you're going to be writing articles, or whatever you're going to do, you're going to start seeing these haters pop up and think about how miserable their life must be that they don't go achieving something by themselves, but instead they're just trolling around internet hating on other people, writing hateful comments, or whatever, or talking behind your back and making up shit. Imagine how miserable their life is, how shitty their life is, that the best thing they can do is do that type of stuff.

The only thing you can be for them is sorry, is be really sorry because it's like a mentally ill person. It's like somebody who's just not 100% up there and the only thing you can be for them is sorry, because imagine that's their life. That's the best, that's their highlight of their day that I went online and I trolled on somebody or went and made up some rumors about somebody, wow, my life is great. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine having a life that miserable? You don't have time even to think about people like that you don't even have time to talk people about like that. Instead you are chasing your dream, you’re making a life of your dreams, you having great relationships, you creating vision, you doing whatever right? You are achieving in your life, while they are living in a dumpster with all of that virtual like metaphoric dumpster of all that rubbish and all that hate and all of that despise.

So that's really my advice for you, be a better person, go the higher road, go where most people wouldn't go and don't even interact with people like that, don't retaliate, don't respond, don't resent them, don't even feel anything, just be like water off a duck. You just don't even get involved, you don't get upset by it and the cure for that is spend time with people who are great, spend time with people who inspire you, spend time with people who motivate you because that will recharge your batteries, that will make you feel good instead of reminiscing about the haters, reminiscing about some horrible people out there.

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