Why POSTURE is so important in Network Marketing?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Under: Personal Development
So what is POSTURE, and no I am not talking to your physical posture where you keep your back straight, what I am talking about is your mental posture. The best description I have ever hear is "Posture is a belief in what you have to offer regardless of external acceptance or approval".

You see to be successful in business you absolutely must have a posture about your business and products no matter what other people say. I have seen too many people who believe in their company 'as long as other people approve of it' but as soon as they get some criticism or somebody laughs at them they stop doing the business and selling the products.

If you don't have a posture in business your prospect will feel it and your results will suffer because of it. For example when I ask a lot of new business partners what is their main challenge they often say "convincing people to join their business or to buy the products" and I always say "well that is exactly your problem". At first they look a bit confused so I explain that in network marketing we do not CONVINCE people to join or buy, we don't drag people screaming and kicking to the presentations, we do not trick people into home meetings and so on, instead what professional network marketers do is SORT people to find the ones who are already looking for an extra income, who are already looking to save money on good quality products and so on. And how do we sort? We ask people if they would be open and give them an out (check my other blog on how to invite people)

Once we have a posture it starts applying to all areas of communication with your prospects. For example if you send somebody a business opportunity video and they don't respond for more than 4 days you don't message them asking "have you please watched the video I sent you pretty please?" because that comes across as desperate and needy, and trust me, nobody likes desperate and needy. Instead you message them saying "Hey Tom, I have to apologise, I was so busy with all the new people joining the team and with all the new customers that I didn't get a chance to follow up with you, how are you?" this way you come across from a completely different place and you have posture, you are busy, your business is thriving, and you are giving them a chance - not them giving you a chance.

Again, if you call a lead or message a person on Facebook who you sent the presentation video to and they tell you that they haven't watched you DON'T say "oh I'm so sorry, when could you pretty please watch it?" what you say INSTEAD is "Hey Tom, no problem at all, however, I have a bunch of people who have actually watched the video and are ready to get started so as you will appreciate I will have to prioritise my time with them, but I might follow up with you in the next couple of weeks or so" now they will be experiencing the fear of loss instead of you.

Finally, when you call a lead to follow up and they don't answer you should use your 3 message system:
MESSAGE #1: Hey Tom, we had a call arrange for 10 am today, please give me a call as soon as you can.
MESSAGE #2: (24 hrs later) Hey Tom, I haven't heard back from you, hope you are ok? Give me a call when you get a chance, and by the way, if you are no longer interested in earning extra income from home just let me know so I don't waste your and my time?
MESSAGE #3: (another 24 hrs later) Hey Tom, I have now left you two messages and you didn't get back to me so I am assuming you are no longer interested in earning extra income from home, therefore, I am removing you from my list and will not contact you about this opportunity again, best of luck in whatever you are doing, bye

The last message will often get them to call you back as again the fear of loss is often stronger than the desire to gain.

Here is a video where I go in more detail on this topic:

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